How To Have A Perfect First Date: 8 Tips To Help You Stop Worrying

First dates can be pretty terrifying, especially if you don’t know the person you’re going out with very well. Actually, it’s usually not even the first date itself that’s so bad – it’s all of the worrying and stressing you do before the date even happens. We all worry about making a good first impressioneven guys! – but don’t worry, girls: we’ve got some first date tips that will help you stop freaking out so much.

A new study shows eight of the top pre-first date fears – what people are most worried about before going on a first date. Since I’m sure we’ve all worried about at least one or two of these things before a date, I’ve put together ways you can get rid of these fears. Take a look at 8 of the most common first date fears and 8 tips on how to get rid of them and have a great first date:

What are you most worried about before a first date? Have you ever had any first date disasters? Tell us in the comments!


What a bad first date is REALLY like, in GIFs

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