Would You Rather: Questions About Oral Sex

Oral sex is usually associated with a man’s pleasure and preferences, but here at Gurl we’re more interested in what you ladies think.

We’re back with another random would you rather poll. This time it’s all about oral sex; giving, receiving, flavors…uh, you’ll understand that last bit once you scroll down.

So turn on Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” and let your mind run wild. Ours definitely did!


What do you like about oral sex? What do you hate about it? Do you think that receiving oral sex should be an important part of a woman’s sex life? Tell us in the comments!

Straight Talk With Shallon: Do Guys Like Giving Oral Sex?

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  • notsaying

    Im 14 n thinking abou sex ALOT i love reading all your stories its getting me hype is that a problem?

    • Wanita boo

      Noo its normal i feel it too

  • nessa

    i love 69! just thinking about it i wanna call my boyfriend!!!

  • chelle

    There is something nice about giving a guy a blow job. To see him get all excited and horny is so good. Better still I like when he eats me out and makes me cum with his tongue. It gets me very very wet and ready for when he wants to F***. I am all his when he gets me to that stage. I lost my virginity in that way. At first I thought I must refuse to have sex. But then when he started going down on me I didnt resist. I really enjoyed the sensation and I forgot about everything else. To me this was the best ever feeling and I didnt know why girls my age had such a hard time with sex. This was fun and so so pleasurable. I lost all self control and before you knew it he was inside me pounding away. I just let him take me. I let him cum inside me, not that I knew what that meant but thankfully I was of a tender age and hence very safe. I think he was a bit nervous as he was much more mature and older. Still it was hugely mind blowing and just an awesome experience. I kept going for more. LOL

    • tkay_AMERiCA

      , hahah really ? he must be good lol

  • Colleen

    I love giving and receiving. I think oral is fantastic and one of the best ways to enjoy sex. keep trying and it will all get easier

  • mel

    never received, never returned the favor….too young but i love reading and educating myself.

  • Plover

    I love giving head to my woman, I hate receiving oral though, there’s something about having my member in someone’s mouth that just makes me uncomfortable

  • anon

    it is like the best receiving it but my FWB (friend with benefits) hasn’t done it to me yet and we have had sex a decent amount of times- I’ve given him head everytime and he’s never done it back and I want him too

  • clownsloveme

    I never really love receiving, but I’m slowly starting to enjoy it.

  • Bex

    Not a fan of it to be honest, I don’t like the texture of a boys come. I don’t mind giving however.

  • Sasha P.

    I dont give oral sex, but I love to receive. Should I feel bad?

    • Anon

      No of corse not cos I literally hated givin oral because, I mean he like pees with that shit but it feels so amazing on the receiving end and my boyfriend doesn’t mind.

    • Stephanie

      Yes, that is selfish especially since you are aware it. You should seek to change that opinion/habit for the sake of your future relationship(s).

  • prachi

    definately a girl shud recive oral sex
    its much hotter n seducing then giving

  • Mitsu

    I like to give and receive oral sex from both girls and boys. What I love is to enjoy a very nice orgasm, and oral sex gives me very good orgasms and prepares me for more sexual fun. I also love when my partner has an orgasm, and when it is a boy I enjoy him coming in my mouth.