Your Complete Guide To Oral Sex

Oral sex might not seem like as big of a deal as sex sex, but it’s actually a super intimate act. Some even would argue that it’s more intimate.

Oral sex is great and can be a lot of fun, but there are a lot of things to keep in mind. I feel like no one really talks about oral that openly, but we should! There’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

We’re answering all your questions about oral sex right here. Click through for your complete guide to everything oral!

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  1. avatarAlexis says:

    Oral sex is great if it’s good. It can be uncomfortable if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The whole point is that you’re doing it to make one another feel good, to enjoy the experience.

    I love it with my current bf though, and I love to go down on him. We aren’t otherwise sexually active, and oral makes it easier for us to abstain. We aren’t frustrated if we get a little carried away. We can still orgasm and feel satisfied.

  2. avatarHeather says:

    I want to have oral sex but I don’t know how and what to do and I don’t know if I should do it with my BF or someone I don’t know that well

  3. avatarrock says:

    i like oral sex

  4. avatarFaithgirl says:

    Oral sex doesn’t sound very fun or good to me. I do NOT plan on having oral sex at all. Just not my idea of a cup of tea. Most of you girls love it, supprisingly. I can’t imagine myself sicking a guy’s… thing.

  5. avatarlilly says:

    i love oral sex love it love it love it i feel so alive while doing like 6 guys one time its just like licking a lollipop i want them to fluck me hard in return yes im a slut and u know what i love being one because imma live life to the fullest and i just got tested on friday i dont have any diseases and im 22

    • avatarkhan says:

      ewww your piratically advertising yourself do you not have any respect, seriously no guys find sluts attractive :/

  6. avatarNicole says:

    my first was last month with a guy ive been dating for years dont be embarassed he dosent care all he knows is hes in a room with a naked girl i mean think like a guy would your in a room with your gf and shes naked are you gonna juge her body or dig in?

  7. avatarSerena says:

    Oral sex is the best because when he goes down and the orgasms are mind blowing there is no way in hell he is ever coming back up. <3

  8. avatarbelinta says:

    it was so embarassing when he went down .

  9. avatarTori says:

    69 is the best way to do it. That way the both of you enjoy the sensations. I believe that oral sex is such an intimate interaction and really brings a couple close because it takes a lot from both to actually get into it and enjoy it and make sure that your partner is sexually satisfied.

  10. avatarBriana says:

    If you go down on a guy but they don’t go down on you but you want them to should you just ask?

  11. avatarmarissa says:

    isnt this supposed to be a discussion about oral sex? Turns out that this has become a feast for those bitchy, frustrated, judgemental girls who are unleashing their bitchiness and judgements on that poor 12 yr old girl who genuinely made a post about her “first time” experience with an older guy. Surely we are bigger and more openminded to resist judging or condemning her. Aren’t we?? Why is it that girls believe it is their responsibility to chastize other girls and pretend they themselves are immune to any such activity? Most likely it is because they haven’t had any such opportunity and are themselves unattractive to the opposite sex to be able to have such an experience. She is probably stunned by the negative remarks some of us have unleashed on her. How sad!! I hope she proves all of you wrong. If she doesnt then so be it. It would have been an experience for her. At least she would have experienced the love and closeness that she desires and is deprived of because of her parents.

  12. avatarnewtosex says:

    Oral sex is the best. I had my first time this weekend. The guy went down on me several times and the orgasms were mind blowing!

  13. avatarParis says:

    My mom’s friend is recovering from throat cancer because of oral sex. Protect yourself. It can only help.

    • avatarRachel says:

      Yes but thats due to HPV virus. Just ike that actor Michael Douglas who recently made his announcement. Like any other form of sexual activity this is a STD that can be transmitted. So you got to be sure about your partner. That will be one good reason to delay any sexual activity with a new partner especially if it is known that he/she has had many partners before.
      Saying that oral sex is great for both partners. I make my guy go down on me a lot. It is an awesome feeling and I cum almost instantly. He enjoys doing it to me because he enjoys seeing my responses. I do a lot of oral on him too. I have known his previous girlfriends. We have gone to school together. I definitely know they were all virgins at the time he dated them. He is a few years older but I know him very well and I know about his sexual past. I am sure he doesnt have any STDs and I know all the girls he has been with are fine too. You know how girls talk. We find things out very quickly. :P

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