10 Favorite Masturbation Scenes From TV And Film


Fast Times at Ridgemont High

While sex scenes in television and film are incredibly common–whether they’re steamy, PG-13, or simply heavily implied–masturbation scenes aren’t. Masturbation is still a pretty taboo subject, especially female masturbation–are you clutching your pearls yet? I suppose that its rarity and illicit reputation explains why there is something fascinating about watching it on screen. Its deviant status and its solitary nature makes us feel as if we’re viewing something private and incredibly intimate in a way that just isn’t as evident when watching a sex scene these days because we’ve become so desensitized to them. It’s like a secret being unveiled before our eyes. There’s no posturing or desperate attempts to impress or please a partner. It’s a raw and honest act complete with unsexy faces.

It’s for these same reasons that masturbation scenes range from touching (no pun intended) and thought provoking to hilarious and cringe worthy. Here’s a roundup of a few of our favorite masturbation scenes in television and film:


Not Another Teen Movie

Female masturbation complete with a hand painted vibrator. What can get better than that? I mean, aside from the whole damn block deciding to walk in on you.


Skins (UK)

This show was formative for me when it first aired. It was British and raunchy and I was 16 and liked raunchy British stuff so it was a match made in debauchery heaven. All I’m going to say about this scene is this: Masturbating to a photo of your best friend’s girlfriend is totally normal.


 Fast Times At Ridgemont High

This scene is pretty iconic in the coming of age film genre. That said, this particular video clip is super censored. It’s funny that I have to suffer through seeing a guy slappin the salami but I can’t see a pair of boobs. Okay.


Black Swan

Seeing this scene in theaters made wasting $12 on that movie ticket worth it. Nothing like masturbating in front of your surprise sleeping mom!


American Pie

I’m actually cracking up as I’m writing this, honestly. At least now we have the internet instead of bootleg cable channels.



Pleasantville teaches us two important lessons. One, never depend solely on your partner (especially your sexually repressed 50s era husband) for pleasure; two, masturbation is so amazingly liberating that you’ll start seeing in technicolor.

The Inbetweeners

Another favorite show of mine features an awkward masturbation scene set in an elderly living center. Yep, there are old people involved.


Laura Prepon is always going to be Donna from That 70s Show in my eyes. And honestly, she just comes across as an even feistier, modern day version of that character when she doesn’t let some dude (who I only identify as The Older Brother From The Adventures Of Pete And Pete) interrupt her one on one time.

Mad Men

Life as an unhappy 1960s housewife with an adulterous husband doesn’t have many perks…until you discover a very temperamental washing machine.

My Mad Fat Diary

This scene from my favorite new show isn’t exactly laugh out loud funny, but it is definitely empowering. It shows that masturbation for teen girls is totally healthy, normal, and can be a bit silly too.

There’s Something About Mary

Classic. That’s all I can say about this scene. Classic. Be mindful of where you acquire your hair gel, ladies.

Honorable Mention: Girls

This is one of my ultimate hatewatch shows, but I give Marnie some props for straight up mbating in a public bathroom.

Which scene is your favorite? What great masturbation scenes have we missed? Any general thoughts on masturbation or its portrayal in the media? Tell us in the comments!


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  • jaidyn

    This was so funny

  • Megan

    Fast Times At Ridgemont High . I have seen that movie. the 80’s but I have seen the movie when the guy does that. most movies have girls that do it.

  • Greg

    I wish there were more masturbation scenes too. There is nothing sexier than watching a woman pleasing herself. So hott!!

    • Sammi

      agreed!!!!! There needs 2 b wayyyyy more masturbation sciences in movies,tv shows etc. girls should know they can have an orgasm WITHOUT the help of a guy/girl.

    • Sammi

      Thnx 4 looking at gurl.com greg- I really like a guys POV!

  • uhsaof

    Ten favourite scenes? Can you even count?

  • MabelPines

    Whilst I wouldn’t say it’s iconic or the best, I would give this scene credit for actually bringing up the subject,even if briefly. It’s the one in Glee where Kurt and Blaine are talking about maybe having sex and Kurt mentions about how they should get to know their own bodies to which Blaine replies “That’s why they invented masturbation.”.

  • Lala

    Ok, so the last one. if you tell a girl ur going to fu** her and it will be that good, shouldn’t you follow through with a least a kiss if not more?

  • pinkheart

    I am surprised there arent more masturbating scenes in movies but like you say female masturbation is kind of taboo. I dont know why, I love to do it. And guys masturbating are hot too! I wouldnt mind seeing them do it to.

  • Emma

    What about the scene in The Runaways, where one girl is teaching another how to masturbate?

    • Tammy

      The “To Do List” had a funny masturbation scene in it. I think its good to have more of those types of scenes for women, so that it can be viewed in a more light and natural way like it is viewed with guys.

  • cupcakes

    the shower head scene from 40 year old virgin.

  • Neida

    Thank you so very much for introducing me to my mad fat diary. I’m absolutely obsessed.

    • It is seriously one of my favorite shows right now. It is funny but has a lot of heart and touches on serious topics without having some sort of status quo approved agenda laced to it. It is really important for us to see larger young women discover who they are, deal with love, and tackle tough personal problems just like everybody else.