Disney Princess Dating Advice: 10 Tips You Can Learn From Jasmine

Princess Jasmine is such a rebel! Even though she was basically required to marry, she wasn’t having it. Jasmine was all about adventure and finding true love instead of getting married off to someone because she was supposed to.

She’s one of the toughest Disney Princesses and likes to do things her own way, which I really admire about her. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. She also knows how to reject total jerks like Jafar and how to stand up for herself. Not to mention, she has some seriously killer outfits!

Click through below to learn some important dating lessons from Princess Jasmine!

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  • Deborah

    Actually…. The magic carpet pushed them into a kiss. Jasmine didn t go for it

  • Abby

    I’m like jasmine

  • Katyp4ever

    2 of these were very contraindicating. 1 minute you say to make sure you like someone before you go out with them then the minute you say to say ‘yes’ even if your not sure about it because eventually you MAY like them.

    • sasa2979

      maybe what she means is don’t be in a commited relationship with someone if you don’t love them and if its just a date get to know someone don’t just say no because your not 100% into them.