Playlist: 10 Sad Songs For Indulging In Your Sadness

Okay, I really love depressing love songs. I mean, even when I’m feeling lower than low I tend not to listen to happy music to cheer me up. Nope, I find some sort of weird catharsis from listening to sad songs and somehow it makes me feel a little better. Even as a pretty happy teenager I convinced myself that angsty music represented my inner soul or something. I thought that I was super deep for lying on my bedroom floor and listening to Nirvana. Yikes, I know, but it’s true.

Well, apparently listening to sad songs can help you get through a break up, so maybe my love of reveling in mopey music is more legit than I thought. So whether you’re going through a bad split, feeling down or just want to listen to some whiny songs, this is the perfect time to check out our latest playlist. Includes No Doubt, Hole, and Arctic Monkeys.

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What are your favorite sad love songs? Do you usually listen to happy or sad music when you’re feeling crappy? Tell us in the comments!


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