Girls Are Drinking Alcohol More Than Guys–And Facing Dangerous Consequences!


Drinking alcohol in excess is more dangerous than people thought–and girls are the ones binge drinking! | Source: ShutterStock

You’re not dumb–you know that drinking alcohol, especially underage drinking, is a huge risk. But what you may not know is exactly how much you’re drinking–to the point of binge drinking. New studies show that not only do young women drink more booze than guys do, but We also have much more dire consequences for it.

Women in general are recommended to only have seven drinks per week, while for guys that limit is upped to 14 drinks per week. There’s no sexism behind this, either: our bodies are just functionally different from guys’, so we process alcohol differently and drinking alcohol effects us a lot more strongly and lot more quickly than it does for dudes. (For the science minded: Guys have more of the stomach enzyme gastric alcohol dehydrogenase, which lowers the amount of alcohol that gets into their bloodstreams, allowing them to drink more and feel its effects less.)

Most of the women and girls in the study who drank way over the recommended weekly limit did so in their first few weeks of college. This is a bummer, but it makes sense: Booze is everywhere, and if you don’t know your limits yet, you’re a lot more likely to exceed them until you do.

Aside from the dangerous immediate effects of drinking alcohol excessively–impaired judgment, poor coordination, alcohol poisoning, hangovers, headaches and the upped chance of hooking up with someone you wouldn’t look twice at without beer goggles–there are long-lasting effects of binge drinking. You’re upping your risk not only f or liver damage, liver disease and even breast cancer.

Even scarier? Binge drinking leads to 23,000 deaths for women and girls in the U.S. every year. You already know not to drink and drive (we hope!), so please: Don’t drink and drink and drink and drink. Life’s a lot more fun when you can remember what you did the night before anyway.

Have you ever gone out binge drinking? Has drinking alcohol ever impaired your judgment or health? Have you ever gotten sick from drinking alcohol? Tell us in the comments!

What should you do when your friends brag about drinking and driving?!

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  • brittany

    Hi,i am 16 and want to tell my story about drinking and impaired judgement.Back in july i went to stay with one of my best friends,Tara, for the weekend while her parents went out of town.Tara is 16 also and is a bedwetter.Her parents left early saturday morning and we had the house and the whole time to ourselves.I had [regrettfully] told my boyfriend that i was staying at her house for the weekend and that we had the whole place to ourselves.Tara and i went shopping and hung out at the mall for most of the afternoon,then came back to her house and had pizza,then watched a movie.There was beer in the fridge,so we decided to have one.after we finished the beer,we got ready for bed.Tara put her bedwetting diaper and plastic pants on,then i put a diaper and plastic pants on also so she would feel better.we put our nightgowns on and were watching another movie when the doorbell rang and it was my boyfriend and one of his buddies.they had a 24 pack of beer and smelled the beer tars and i had earlier on our breath and opened up the 24 pack and we started drinking.Tara and i started getting drunk and thats when my boyfriend and his buddy took advantage of us.They took our nightgowns off of us and saw the diaper and plastic pants on us and got really horny.tara and i were quite impaired by then and both guys pushed us to our knees and made us give them oral sex and came in our mouths.after that they gave us more beer and tara and i passed out and came to sunday morning,really hung over.I had peed in the diaper from the beer and tara’s diaper was soaked.We later found out my boyfriend and his buddy took pictures of us with their cell phones of tara and i passed out with just our diaper and plastic pants on.I broke up with my boyfriend a week later.