20 Of The Most #AwkwardSituations Ever

Most of the time it feels like my life is one long series of awkward situations. I wish I were joking or exaggerating, but I’m not – I haven’t quite gotten a handle on acting social without being incredibly awkward at the same time. So when I saw one of Twitter’s trending topics today was #AwkwardSituations, I jumped at the chance to read some of the amazing tweets.

Seriously, every single one of these 20 very awkward moments has happened to me. I don’t know if I should be proud or sad. Whatever, I’ll embrace it – at least those awkward situations make for some pretty hilarious stories later on, right? Read on to see 20 of the most awkward situations that happen to all of us:



awkward situations


And it always happens at the absolute worst moment, right? 
awkward situations


It’s like, what exactly am I supposed to do here?

awkward situations


Your friend is all like, “are you okay?” and you’re all like, “Oh yeah, I’m fine, I could climb stairs all day.”

awkward situations


Whatever, just dance it out.

awkward situations


What do I want for my birthday? For all of you to skip singing happy birthday. Thanks.

awkward situations


Being the third wheel… never fun, always awkward.

awkward situations


Damn you, chain messages.

awkward situations


And then you try to play it off like, “Oh, I was just touching my hair, no big deal.”

awkward situations


Don’t you just want to scream, “I WASN’T LOOKING AT YOU I SWEAR.” 

awkward situations


Get on my level, man.

awkward situations


Do you smile at them? Do you ignore them? Do you say hi? So many questions!

awkward situations


And then you guys try not to look at each other, because what else are you supposed to do?

awkward situations


…to your mom. Or dad.

awkward situations


This is always accompanied by a lot of blushing and trying to act nonchalant, but failing.

awkward situations


It’s like, “Oh hey, I SEE YOU.” 

awkward situations


You’re just left sitting there wondering what they must think of you, am I right?
awkward situations



awkward situations


That moment when you feel incredibly embarrassed for them because they suck at flirting…

awkward situations


You just want to run after them screaming for them to come back, you know?

awkward situations


Have you ever found yourself in these awkward situations? Which is the most awkward? What has been your most awkward situation ever? Tell me in the comments!


 Why awkward guys are awesome

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  1. avatar londonslook says:

    the moment when you run out of things to say on the phone

  2. avatar londonslook says:

    the nudity one is the worst one for me
    I used to watch this show and it had a moment where they took their clothes off and jumped in a pool ( you couldn’t see anything just the behind) and my mum banned me from the show I am so upset!

  3. avatar BarbieGurl2345 says:

    when my crush asked me if i twerk

  4. avatar Denise says:

    That awkward moment when you’re on a date and your friends show up and sit at another table, just staring at you….., Yah…..

  5. avatar Bidisha says:

    all of these have happened with me…..!!!!!!!!!!! -_- :3

  6. avatar Phoenix85260 says:

    ” That awkward moment when your at your friend’s house and your friend is arguing with his dad and your just standing there.”

  7. avatar Stian Moldskred says:

    Nr. 15 happens too often

  8. avatar meg says:


  9. avatar keagan thompson says:

    when you buy something from a store and they say “have a good day!” and you turn around and sit down at the table to eat/drink the things you buy…..#AWKWARD!

  10. avatar Ummmy Umm Um I Know this one... says:

    “When you’re sitting next to someone who’s skinnier than you and they say “I’m so fat” and you just want to smack them in the face” YES. I swear, happend so many times and I’m ready to hit those girls.

  11. avatar AnthonnyAG says:

    About the last one, “you’re”.

  12. avatar Choco13 says:

    the 17th one is so annoying

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