10 Tips On How To Make Your Ex Jealous

I read a crazy post on the Daily Mail today (no surprise there!) about something called revenge plastic surgery.” Apparently this is an actual thing where women going through breakups or divorce get plastic surgery so they can look “better” and make their ex jealous.


No, seriously, don’t. If you want to have plastic surgery for your own reasons, go for it. I’m not against you getting plastic surgery. What I’m against is girls getting plastic surgery just to try to impress someone else or, in this case, make someone else jealous. I don’t want to sound like a nagging mom or anything like that, but plastic surgery is a big deal! We’re talking about a serious medical procedure that changes your body forever. This is definitely not something you should resort to in order to try to make an ex jealous.

That being said, I can totally understand the urge to want to make your ex jealous – and I can totally help you out with that. It’s natural to want to make your ex feel a (giant) twinge of regret after you two break up, especially if he’s the one who dumped you. But there are much better ways to do that than getting surgery… so read on to find out what they are! Doing any of these 10 tips will make him so jealous he won’t believe he ever let you go in the first place.

How do you make your exes jealous? What advice did I miss? Have you ever done any of these things? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. avatarTanya says:

    People please help me! My b.f broke up with me because someone told him that i played him

  2. avatarJasmine Robinson says:

    If u want to make him jealous so he’ll want u back if he broke up with u because his friends want him to u say to your self what am I doing he doesn’t deserve me what a jerk

  3. avatarloveriage says:

    If he doesn’t want U let him go coz U can’t change that character U hated overnight.
    someone ll treat u better. Love is all about understanding and patience. Jux understand that it can’t work out for U guys.

  4. avatarJelly says:

    Making a jerk jealous is just a wasting of your time. Do you want your jerk back? Why? To heart you again?? Are you sure you deserve such a treatment??
    Your heart want to believe that he will never hurt you again? Biiig mistake, my dear ladies – it’s just a matter of time! Don’t wast your time thinking about revenge (making him jealous is also revenge!), instead, do whatever you can to get over him and go for a better chance, you deserve it!
    I know it’s very difficult to say that, but believe me, someone better is waiting for you.
    If someone did something bad to you, think about it, maybe God wants to tell you it’s time to say good bye. It’s very, veeeeery hard to do that (I know that from my experience), but this is exactly what is the best for YOU.
    Remember, keep dignity and self-confidence – do not humiliate yourself!! Jerk is always a jerk and he doesn’t deserve you! Go for your better luck and let him find what he deserves! This is the best revenge!

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