Ask A Guy: Do Guys Really Like Sexy Lingerie?

Hi Ethan,

Do guys really care about sexy lingerie? Sometimes I spend a lot of money on really sexy underwear and bras and stuff, but then when I wear it for my boyfriend, it just ends up coming off anyway and then I kind of feel like I wasted my money. I mean, does he really care that I’m even wearing it at all? Do guys notice when you put in the effort of wearing cute underwear or do they really just not care?

Guys love lingerie, alright. Oh, yes we do. But before you drop big bills on a spicy new number for your man, keep the following two footnotes to this fact in mind:

1) Men are primitive beasts who are just as easily turned on by cheap, sex shop novelty undergarments.

2) When a guy sees something sexy on a woman, he will want to tear it off as quickly as possible.

In general, men have an unfortunate track record marred by obliviousness when it comes to ladies going out of their way for our pleasure — I, for one, have certainly been guilty of taking my girlfriend for granted before. And when it comes to female fashion items acquired for our pleasure, we generally only notice them if they barely exist (the skimpier the better), or grossly violate one or more rules of sexiness (e.g. torn Grandma panties three sizes too large). Furthermore, merely “cute” underwear is rarely even recognized because its unveiling isn’t accompanied with the flourish commonly preceding the debut of a seductive teddy or nightgown (e.g. “Look what I bought this week…”).

It’s not that we don’t care — we’re kinda just a bunch of idiots.

So your valiant efforts to look hot for us often go unappreciated, or briefly acknowledged at best, and I apologize on behalf of all men for our ignorance and insensitivity. But unfortunately, I don’t see guys universally honing their ability to recognize “special” underwear anytime soon. Therefore, I recommend buying nice stuff for yourself… for yourself. Spend as much as you feel comfortable spending to purchase what makes you feel sexy. Guys are much more likely to notice your newfound confidence than any costly piece of clothing –  and that’s what we find sexiest.

Good luck!

Ethan Fixell is a writer and comedian from New York City best known as one half of comic “dating coach” duo Dave and Ethan. He is also the creator and editor of For more on Ethan, visit…or call his mom, Robin.

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  • I was 19 when my gf slid here panties on me!

    My girl friend at the time was always teasing me wearing baby doll outfits and sexy panties she was 5’7 and 118 pounds. She knew I could not keep my hands off of her and was always stepping it up by wearing a mini skirt out and going to the movies. She would let her skirt slid up and show me the top of her lacy thigh highs! It was a really hot seeing this and no one around us she she was fidgeting and slid her hands up herbs rely their mini skirt and pulled her panties down right around the tops of her thigh highs! She then whispered in my ear that I could take them off the rest of the way but if I did I would have to wear them when we got home and have sex with her it was a dare. I teased her and slid them down further just above her knee and let her get even hotter (while slightly confused on why she wanted me to wear her panties should I? Just thinking about it was creating a huge bulge in my pants). Just looking at her silky panties was getting to me I reached over with one hand and pushed them forcefully down to her ankles and smiled at her. She gasped a little and whispered I think I am going to see your cock in panties tonight she then took one foot out of the panties crossed her legs at let them dangle in front of me and said your call. It was a done deal I slid them off and she said that’s a good panty boy she slid them on me that night and played with me until I came and then after a quick recover she pushed them to the side and rode me hard. We did end up getting married five years later l love her dearly for making me open minded and won’t forget that night. And yes I have worn other things for my wife thongs, corsets thigh highs and mini skirts.

  • xyz
  • Wife likes me in sexy underwear

    Prior to being married my wife and her girlfriend would dress up in sexy lingerie and have some very hot girl on girl action. She recently said she missed this but would consider it cheating it she would do it again. She said she missed the feel of running her hands over thongs thigh highs teddies tight one piece outfits that the feeling was incredible. So she asked me not to be offended and pulled out a silky panties and asked me to wear it to bed I had no idea how turned on this made her the sexy was great. Things progressed and I tried thigh highs and her reaction was even hotter. Then a tight one piece that was also a thong in the back. She has me hooked I never new that this would get me so turned on. I will now wear just about anything that will get her hot and love the feeling well beyond what I would ever expect.

  • Got to try panties

    After reading still in closet comments I will be buying some lacy panties and a thong this weekend. I also am straight but if a ran into you in the steam room and watched you adjusting your black panties I would ask to see the lacy thong white thong underneath I couldn’t look away.

  • Still in the closet

    You’re man is very lucky to have you! Most women are turned off with men wearing sexy lingerie. If a man has the right body he can start slowing pulling this off I am 5’9 and 164 pounds and keep myself very fit and I am a straight. Their is nothing like the first time you slip in to a smooth silky pair of panties it will take your breath away, you will then try on a sexy thong as you get more comfortable. I found this to be very addictive I now only wear sexy panties and thongs to bed and yes my wife loves it I don’t even hide it anymore nor am I ashamed. The next levels I started to feel guilty but it slowly goes away. This has become a high for me you get bolder and bolder you might say I have just about worn everything (not in front of my wife I don’t want to risk our marriage) Some of my next steps were, thigh highs, garter belts, and then I slipped on a teddy with little panties another high. I thought only sissies would wear a bra, and of course that was my next high. I continued to go for a rush and slip on a pair of hot black sexy heels now making me a slender 5’11 in the full out fit. It continues and I even go further something I thought I would never do I slipped on a very short little mini skirt just slightly below my package and a white sexy blouse, the silk panties are replaced with a sexy lacy thong, and shiny white lacy thigh highs.

    As stated I am straight but have been in steam rooms and like to tease so I wear a very small bikini black basic panty and underneath I have a tiny white crotch less panty that acts like a cock ring. If I see a guy slightly peaking my towel falls
    open and I make numerous adjustments to my little panties by making them even smaller, of course just to get more steam and his attention. If he shows more interest my white thong will will accidentally poke out of my black panties showing an inch or so in the front and as I sit up I will give him a view of my lacy thong peeking out the back. This usually will get his attention and he will start playing with himself and the next question will be do you mind if I see what’s under your black underwear? I turn around to show him my back and slowly lower my black panties making sure my white lacy thong does not come down I turn around and show him the front of my crotchless panties and my very hard seven inch cock. He is hard and jerking off and I get even closer and start playing with my panties for him and brush my cock he is in a full throttle jack off and as he is getting ready to cum I slid of the panties and put them around my cock and play with myself and really get in to it, he can’t keep his eyes off my cock in the panties what a rush!

    • Responding to still in the closet

      I read still in the closet and had to test out the shower seen I am very shy and when I read this I could not stop thinking about how horny this made me I thought I am going to try this out. I am straight but the thought of a guy checking me out was something that turned me on. I wanted to come out of the closet with my panty wearing but didn’t know how so I thought the steam room would be easy. So here is how I did it ….. I went to the steam room like I normally would wrapped in a towel I was nervous and all most shaking so I thought I would first start with a mans thong on under the towel. I must have been my day their was a middle aged guy comfortable with himself and his towel wide open I laid on the bench nervous to open my towel but it eventually opened up and I could see it did something to him I looked over and he slid on a cock ring and was had a full blown hard on. It was now or never I excused my self and told him he looked great and I would be right back. This was my chance to come out for the first time I slid on pink very sexy thong and wanted to show it off, I walked back in towel wrapped around me, and I thought the steam room should be hotter to do this you put a cold towel on the thermostats that is about 6-8″high which also was right next to the middle aged guy I was so nervous I took the towel off completely and was only in my pink lacy thong and walked over and put a cold towel on the thermostats with my tight ass inches from him I admit the front had just enough bulge. I turned away just as I did his hands slid up my ass and he start playing with my panties and would lower them to the bottom of my ass and back up I could not resist and I started playing with my self he continued and grabbed my thong and pulled them to my ankles I exploded. What a great first time experience. Of course I let him play with him self as I picked the thong and slid them back on every so slowly and with allot of adjusting in the front. It felt so good to tease some one and watch them masterbate and true my now they are into it!

  • Steve Balmer

    Some pretty stupid views mentioned in these article.

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  • FamilyGirl

    my man like to dress up in fem lingerie & clothes & he always buying me sexy lingerie to wear for him he really has damn good taste & style. I love every thing he buys me including clothes & he love seeing me wearing them & never rushes to take anything I’m wearing for him off, especially if I have bought it to wear for him. Plush I love the clothes & lingerie he wear himself when being fem so much so that we share our clothes & lingerie.