How To Make A Guy Happy–According to Reddit!


This makes guys happier than blowjobs! Say what?! | Source: ShutterStock

It’s a big stereotype that how to make guys happy involves steak, blow jobs and beer. But it turns out, according to guys on Reddit, there are a few particular moves that have nothing to do with oral sex, booze or beef.

Making decisions.
Most of the guys on Reddit said a good surprise is for you to plan dates so the pressure is off them. We’re not talking control freak level, but maybe throwing out a, “Hey, wanna catch Man of Steel and grab some pizza?” is a lot cooler for them than just being like, “Whatever you want to do” and then pouting later when it turns out it’s not what you wanted.

Give him compliments.
One commenter on Reddit said his girlfriend told him he was handsome three weeks earlier and he was still glowing from it. So cute! So let him know he looks hot after baseball practice or even just thank him for driving to the movies. It’ll mean more than you realize!

Give him food!
Know his favorite candy or snack? Surprise him with it. He’ll be stoked that you thought of him, and it’s so cheap and easy! (I’ve done this, and trust me: It works.)

Rub his back.
And his shoulders and maybe his head. Guys on Reddit said they loved massages. Hopefully he’ll return the favor!

Surprise him with a small present.
It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive. See a shirt with his favorite comic book character? Found an mp3 of a hard-to-find song he’s been searching for forever? It’s not about the price tag, but about the thought that went into it. He’ll be so happy!

And our favorite: Hug him from behind!
This was so cute. A lot of guys on Reddit said that a surprise hug from behind or a kiss on the cheek and resting your head on his shoulder was actually better than, well, a BJ. They explained that it feels truly intimate–while oral sex may make him feel good for a little while, stuff like this will make him feel loved, and that lasts a lot longer. (And makes a lot less of a mess.)

Were you surprised at how to make a guy happy? Do you trust the answers from guys on Reddit? How do you make your guy happy? Tell us in the comments!

But are you being too nice to your boyfriend?

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  • The Dude

    Nope – this was written by a woman. I have been married for 25 years, it is food and blow jobs…

  • Jayyden

    Getting hugs from behind from a guy, in my opinion is just as cute :3

  • Indecia

    The massages and the hugs from behind are a really good thing to give him. I know my boyfriends loves it when I do either. It relaxes him and makes him feel special

  • Jessica289

    I have to say, this is pretty darn cute.