What It’s Really Like When You Hear From An Ex, In GIFs

It seems like every time you’re in a good place in your life or you’re happy in a new relationship that your ex will pop up out of nowhere to contact you. First of all, why do they do this? And second, how do they do this? Have they bugged us to alert them when we’re doing great so they can come in and mess things up?

And the interactions never go as you think they will. Even if you won the breakup, unwanted ex-interactions can be a pain. You think you’ll be okay, but old feelings can come up.

Let’s go through what you think it will be like to talk to your ex compared to what it’s actually like.

You’re minding your own business.

All happy being single.

Or in a new, healthy relationship.

And then all of a sudden, your ex contacts you.

You think it’s not a big deal.

Because you’re happy and secure in your life.

You think he has no influence over you anymore.

But you’re wrong.

He asks if you want to meet up and talk.

You don’t want to be mean, so you agree. You can handle it.

You’re totally cool about it. But then you see him, and you’re like:

He says something along the lines of this:

And you’re thinking:

You start remembering all the crappy stuff about your relationship.

You tell yourself to snap out of it.

You make up a reason to leave.

And finally delete your ex’s number.


Has your ex ever contacted you out of the blue? What happened? How did you react? Tell us in the comments!

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