The One Thing You Need To Do With Your Boyfriend This Summer: Road Trips!

The summer is the perfect opportunity to spend more time with and get closer to your boyfriend. During the school year, you guys are both spending time on going to school, after-school activities, doing homework, trying to make school day curfews… you get it. But during the summer, you both should have more time to devote to each other (unless one of you is in summer school or has a very demanding part-time job).

So how can you use all of that extra time to your advantage? There are tons of summer-fun bonding activities you guys can do together that will make the most of the great outdoors (think going to the beach, the pool, hiking trip), but there’s another thing you should do that you might not have even thought of: road trips!

Those of you who are old enough to have your own car should definitely consider taking at least one road trip with your boyfriend this summer. Why? A recent survey done by Ford and Your Tango found that 90 percent of couples think that road trips can actually help improve their relationship. What’s more, 88 percent of couples surveyed said that they’ve had their best couples conversations ever during car trips.

So basically road trips equal some seriously great bonding sessions with your boyfriend – which makes total sense. You guys are sitting in a tiny, enclosed area with nothing to do but listen to music or chat. The longer the car trip is, the more connected you two will feel and the easier it will be to spill your secrets and really get to know each other. I know this is true for me. I’ve found out more about my boyfriend during our long road trips to go skiing than I have at any other time. I don’t know what it is about the car, but there’s something soothing about driving for a long time and just talking. I normally hate long car rides and the only ones I look forward to are the ones that involve my BF.

This doesn’t mean you need to get crazy and start on a wild cross-country road trip… obviously a lot of you are probably unable to do that (I know I am). An hour or two hour long ride should do the trick. Go somewhere fun for the day where you guys don’t normally go to. Not only will the car ride bring you closer together, but the adventure you two have together afterwards will be exciting and super fun.

Oh, and for you single girls out there? Take a road trip with your girls! Car rides aren’t only great for bonding between couples, but they’re also something that you and your friends can have a lot of fun with as well. Get three or four of your closest friends together and plan a road trip somewhere cool for a day or a weekend. You guys will have an awesome time in the car gossiping, jamming out to your favorite music and swapping scandalous hookup stories. Trust me on this one.

Get your music together, buy some comfy car clothes and save up your gas money – I promise you won’t regret taking two or three road trips this summer, with your boyfriend or your besties.

Have you ever taken a road trip with your boyfriend before? What about with your friends? Did you think it was a good bonding experience? Tell me in the comments!


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