10 Best Things About Being Short, In GIFs

Last week, I gave you guys a list of 10 of the worst things about being short. But even though all of those things are super annoying to deal with, the truth is, I actually love being short. Once I got over the fact that I would never grow past 5’0 tall, I learned to embrace and accept my height. And I’m totally happy with being petite!

So, are there good things about being the shortest girl in every class? Of course there are! I’ve put together a list of the 10 best things about being short… and honestly, I wouldn’t have my body be any other way.


You can shop in the kids section for clothes, which is MUCH cheaper.

money gif

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Yeah, people’s bodies are smushed in your face, but it’s also waaaay easier to squeeze through crowds when you’re tiny, so, worth it.

beyonce smug gif

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Wait, people have trouble finding leg room on buses and airplanes and trains? Never had that issue. #sorrynotsorry

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Because of my height, people always assume I’m super innocent, so I can basically get away with anything. *evil laugh*

evil gif

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Also, I’ll always look younger than I am. That may be annoying now, but it won’t be when I’m 40.

emma stone gif

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I can fall asleep on any couch anywhere and be comfortable because I’ll always fit.

sleeping gif

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I generally don’t have to worry about hitting my head on anything, which is nice.  

happy gif

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Skirts and dresses are never too short on me. And I can always get them hemmed if I need to. Score one for the short girl. 

snow white twerk gif

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Short dudes automatically love me and it’s obviously super easy to date them. We make for a pretty adorable couple.

kissing gif

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Oh, and if I ever want to be taller? All I need to do is put on a pair of good heels. Werk.

heels gif

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Are you short also? Which of these things do you agree with the most? What did I miss? What’s your favorite thing about being short? Tell me in the comments!


 The 10 Best Things About Being Tall

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  • Lisa Ponthieux

    I’m 4’11…now that my daughter is is 11 we can share shoes! My chaco’s (which are my favorite pair of shoes) are a size 4 in girls 🙂

  • KarmenUrButt

    Naww!!! Being short is HORRIBLE D:;o I wish I can be 5’11 🙁

  • casey

    Well, of course a short couple is cute, but dating tall guys is the besttt! and adorable to(: no boy will ever be shorter than you, and we have all these cool quotes about us that tall girls try to use, no, Im barely 5’1 embrace it(:

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  • Ronnie

    I still fit in 8-9 clothes… I’m 13…. But at least it saves my mum buying me new clothes 😉
    When I go to the cinema with friends I go and buy the tickets cos I can get children’s tickets and it saves money 🙂

  • Mark

    I love to date girls who are very short. I love to pick them up and carry them to bed, undress them, and fuck them. I feel powerful when I’m on top. But I especially enjoy short girls “riding” me. I just get super turned on! Maybe it is a perverted “little girl thing” but I do not have sex with girls under eighteen!

    • Kuinshi

      I appreciate that! Thank god, If one more guy says cute instead of sexy, I’m just gonna look like a tramp!

  • Exaelia

    Meh. The kids clothes are so lame and childish though…

  • Kate

    I am 18 and (almost) 5’0, and just had to say SO TRUE!!! 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Ugh! Guys do NOT have to be taller than you in order for you to have a successful and happy relationship. My boyfriend was 4 inches shorter than me when we first started dating. Now it’s 14 months later and he’s my height. I still love him!

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  • Rose

    The whole we get through easier is a lie! I’ve actually sat in front of two people trying to be polite saying excuse me(I also yelled move twice) and I had to poke them for them to see me or even realize I was there! No headphone or music was involved! I’ve also been stepped on…literally

  • MissBlue

    I’m 14 and 4ft 11, I hate being small but this has actually made me feel alot better! If I’m ever having and argument with my boyfriend all I do is flash the puppy dog eyes and its all good *muh haha*. Unfortunatly I can never find clothes that fit; so far there isn’t a shop that offers clothes to fit a short, 32DD girl with a little waist, no clue why…;).

    • Emily

      Im 16 (be 17 soon ;D) anyways im 4’7 i completely understand that you are coming from not being able to find clothing. But i have found that stores that carry juniors clothing that pants that are short (you have to look for them saying short) they are made for girls that are between 4’11 – 5’2 maybe 5’3 on me they have the baggy bottoms on the legs (bc im so short) so i just buy the skinny jeans and they fit my style so it doesnt bother me at all. Now with you having a huge bust i would say look for clothing around the women’s section the shirts are cut to people who have a bigger chest with a tiny waist. Or if you want you could wrap your chest a little to fit into shirts better. i have friends that do that because there chest got to big for the shirt or dress they had. if you do want to wear dresses that would fit you with a tiny waist and a big chest buy a dress with a loose top that looks airy and is sh-inched in that is medium length or go for a short those dresses with fit you cup size and show you are tiny in the waist. You could also wear clothing you have with a belt that goes with in to draw attention to your waist to show your tiny self. And dont be afraid to ask someone in the shop(one that has professionals like pink and blue, ann taylor, Charlotte russ, forever 21) what they think would look best on you they will help you out in finding something that will complement you.

  • Sierra

    This is so true, almost all guys are taller than me so my options are increased :3

  • Samjo

    I’m very short but I can not automatically fit into kids cloths. Just because you’re short doe not make you “tiny” (I am quiet the opposite of tiny)

    • Charlie

      I’m like that too… Im nearly 16 and there is no way in hell id fit in those tiny kiddy clothes. Im the right height but not the right size waist or legs… Or boobs. But that completely fine because most of little kids clothes are really childish and i wouldn’t wear them anyway 🙂

  • Gabby

    My favorite thing is that I’m FANTASTIC at Hide and Seek. I’ll be hinding in the most random places like a laundy basket, bathroom cabinets, in bushes, etc…

  • spazzingnow

    “Wait, people have trouble finding leg room on buses and airplanes and trains? Never had that issue.”
    Unfortunately, when I sit on buses/trains/airplanes, only half my head touches the cushion attached to the top of the seat. The other half has nothing supporting it, and it simply feels awkward. But I have loads and loads of leg room 🙂