Why Taylor Swift Needs A Reality Check On Being A Better Friend

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Taylor Swift, but it’s also been a while since she’s done anything mean. She’s been kind of under the radar lately with her single lady parties and helping Selena Gomez get over the Biebs. Except T-Swizzle came out of hiding last night at the Billboard Music Awards to put her newest surprised face to the test.

Taylor’s been doing her best to help Selena move on from Justin Bieber’s charms, like leather pants and overalls. She was doing a really great job for a while, but Selena couldn’t resist getting back together with Justin.

So last night, Justin won awards for Top Male Artist, Top Social Artist and the Milestone Award for awesomeness in music or something. Backstage, Selena Gomez wanted to congratulate her allegedly now on-again boyfriend for his accomplishments so she hugged him and gave him a kiss. Well, Taylor saw this interaction and promptly stuck her tongue out in disgust.

On one hand, I’m not really pleased that Selena and Justin are back together. I think he’s kind of a mess, and he’s dragging her down. But on the other hand, I’m really annoyed that Taylor acted like this. I really think she needs a reality check on how to be a better friend.

It sucks when your friend is dating someone you don’t like, but it’s not really your place to do anything about it. I’m sure Taylor has told Selena how much she hates Bieber in catchy song lyrics, but it’s obvious that Selena still isn’t ready to move on. And you know what? That’s okay.

You don’t have to like your friend’s boyfriend, but you do have to respect her decisions. For whatever reason, Selena and Justin have unfinished business. And that’s up to Selena and Justin to figure out. Taylor’s not only being super immature with her actions, but she’s also being a pretty bad friend.

Taylor’s friends don’t rag on her for constantly jumping from relationship to relationship. I don’t recall seeing any of her 15 BFFs about to vomit when she publicly kissed Harry Styles. I would expect her to be just as supportive of her friends as they are of her. Maybe Taylor’s upset that she doesn’t have a relationship right now, but that doesn’t give her the right to be rude to her own friends.

I think Taylor should spend less time on her surprised faces and more time on controlling her mean ones.

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s reaction to Jelena’s kiss? Do you think it was mean? Tell us in the comments!

Here’s how Taylor is approaching relationships now

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  • Ellie

    I know right, me too.

  • Selin

    You seriously are annoying me now, its okay not to like Taylor but jesus christ, stop judging every little thing she does. I think the only immature one here is you.

  • carebearcutie188

    I think that her face was funny, it wasn’t like she was pissed off or anything. So i think you are taking this SO out of control and she didn’t do anything wrong.

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  • Sierra

    She was clearly joking. It wasn’t meant to be mean and if anyone else did that, no one would write about or care. You just really like being mean to Taylor

  • Erin

    I don’t think she was sticking out her tongue as genuine disgust of them getting back together. I think it was just playful about the PDA.

  • Sandra

    It was obviously a joke!! She smiled through the whole thing! I’m sure she would prefer Selena with someone else, and its not like she was shoving Justin around or something!

  • Rose

    This isn’t mean at all. In fact, I think she’s being a GOOD friend. Good friends are honest, and I would have done the EXACT same thing had I seen my best friend back with someone who wasn’t good for her.
    We can’t know all of S & J’s relationship, or her friendship with Taylor. And I think it is WAY too fast to judge Taylor as a bad friend just because she doesn’t agree. The only thing that’s sad is people can’t keep in their own business and have to judge a girl for making a single face that ANY girl could make and no one else was supposed to see.

  • sigh

    Honestly? You are pathetic. I am in no way a Swiftie – in fact I dislike most of her songs. But this is way too far.
    Imagine being in Taylor’s place. Your friend’s boyfriend whom you disapprove of is back together with your friend – again. Do you think you can really contain your disapproved looks?
    Taylor doesn’t even look malicious. She’s clearly joking. Although to someone as bitter as you…maybe not.
    This is a prime example of 吹毛求疵 (in not-so-fancy English, “nitpicking”).
    Get a life, please.

  • Hikaru

    Gonna have to disagree. I don’t think she was trying to be rude or mean in any way and she definitely didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I’m sure Selena understands that. No need to call Taylor out when she was just kidding around.

  • leyla

    that was stupid. she was obviously joking! jeez.

  • Gicelle

    I really can’t judge, because that’s the kind of shit I would do

  • Abi

    I think people need to calm down! All she did was stick her tongue out! It was just a joke! Taylor is far from mean, she is so wonderful, caring and friendly. I’m sure Selena doesn’t care so why should you?

  • Tayy

    Ok, you don’t like Taylor but this is ridiculous. Look at that smile, of course she’s JOKING around with her BESTFRIEND. I do this with my bestfriend when she dated a guy that constantly broke her heart. But at the end of the day, he wasn’t abusive to her so I really didn’t care, after 3 years she learned to move on, by herself, all the joking or being there for her at 4 o clock in the morning in her aunt’s car cause her sobs were too loud in the world wouldn’t have changed her mind. Taylor’s being a good friend, but also at the same time, letting Selena know she disapproves, in a friendly way. If you don’t like it GET OVER IT. Its just YOUR DISDAIN for her showing.

  • Ana Garcia

    Oh my god, get over it! They’re friends it was a JOKE!

  • Rose

    I hate Taylor, but seriously you’re calling her out for sticking her tongue out? She was laughing meaning it was a joke! Chill!

  • Rachel

    Ok i’ll agree that it was immature but I see where she’s coming from. We don’t even know all that’s went down in this relationship but from the headlines and the are they/aren’t they always being questioned, this whole thing is really getting annoying and ridiculous. Selena needs to move on. I’m not a fan of Taylor but i’ve been in her situation; the one where your close friend gets repeatedly hurt by a jerk off and you are there for her to help her through it, only for her to turn around and go back to him. In my opinion it’s Selena who’s not being a good friend. She leans on friends for support only to say “oh well he’s different this time, thanks for being there for me but we’ll work it out!”

  • Sara

    Look I know you don’t like taylor but you don’t have the right to say that because it’s a job friend to help her BFF pick a guy who is good for her, it has nothing to do with her relationships. We don’t know about their personal lives, we don’t know how justin Hirt Selena, so it’s not your place to judge

  • ashley

    oh my god, it was a friendly joke! theyre best friends for god’s sake! you look really jealous and pathetic constantly hating on taylor, who you dont even know.