10 Ideas For Inventions That Should Be Made

There are obviously a lot of cool things in this world, but there are still some ideas for inventions that should have been made, like, yesterday. I mean, sure, we’ve come a long way even from just when I was younger, but there are still a lot of things out there that can be improved upon, am I right?

As an example: charging our phones. Who has the time to let their dead phone charge for an hour when it dies in the middle of the day? Um, no one. Which is exactly why I’m obsessed with this invention that came from the coolest 18-year-old girl I haven’t met yet. Eesha Khare from Saratoga, California invented a supercapacitor that could possibly one day charge your phone battery in 20 to 30 seconds. Sorry, let me repeat that – 20 to 30 seconds. I need this invention in my life because honestly Candy Crush and Instagram are way too addicting for their own good. Eesha won $50,000 at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and while her invention isn’t being used for phone batteries yet, it certainly has a lot of potential.

While we’re waiting for this amazing invention to be created, let’s talk about the other ideas for inventions that should be made. Come on, scientists… it’s 2013. Get yourselves together.

Which of these inventions do you wish were real the most? What other ideas for inventions do you have? What do you think about Eesha’s invention? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. avatarNathan says:

    That does stinks i need an invention and quick

  2. avatarKatie says:

    This stincks

  3. avatarheartlovepeace says:

    The best one is the Instant-Crush-Finder-Outer!

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