Would You Rather: Questions About Sex

Sex can be serious but let’s be honest: It is way more fun to talk about just how ridiculous sex can be. Our imagination  is a wacky place already, so add sex to the equation and…well, you get Would You Rather: Sex Edition

We’ve picked a few random sex scenarios for you to choose from. Some are silly and others were cringe worthy just writing! Vote on which situation you’d rather find yourself in.










Do you have a would you rather to share? What is your weirdest sexual experience? Tell us in the comments!


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  • M!SSY’JJ

    It could’ve been dirtier … But overall this quiz calm(y)

  • nessa

    honey vs. peanut butter!?!?!
    i above all things hate feeling sticky!
    and i cant stand the taste or smell of peanut butter…that was a hard one lol

  • 3D.glasses

    I couldn’t decide between no oral sex and no masturbation! a lack of either sounds dreadful! D:

  • HoneyDawn

    umm yeah, my mom already walked in on us…soooo.

  • Annette

    Sex or chocolate? Kill me now…

    • Sarah Enzman

      I have a purity ring so i gave up sex easy choice

      • sparkles

        @Sarah when you get married, you still won’t be able to have sex since you gave it up. o.o

  • lenoresoul14

    Would you rather have your mom or your older brother walk in on you?
    B. Older Brother… Because I don’t have one! XD

    (But I am not planning on losing my virginity very soon)

  • MelBells

    Sex or chocolate… oh god… what do.

    • animperfectteen

      sex while eating chocolate?

    • Stephanie

      ikr! I was like oh crap…!

    • Jasmine7b

      Hardest question ever!!!

  • Gicelle

    Breakfast, lunch, AND dinner haha jk

  • john

    What’s the best time to have sex? A. Morning B. Afternoon C. Late Night

    • Stephanie

      Definitely C. Late Night, well for me anyway.

    • Hiaa

      D. All of the Above

      • t-da-kid

        same here

    • Michelle

      Late night