Can You Get Pregnant If He Ejaculates Near My Vagina, But Not In It?

Hi Heather,

I’m totally freaked out right now. My boyfriend and I were fooling around, but we didn’t have sex. I gave him a handjob and then he ejaculated on my thigh really close to my whole down-there area. Like, really close. Can I get pregnant even though he didn’t finish inside of me, just near me? Please help!!

First things first: try to relax. I know you’re freaking out and I can completely understand why. In situations like these, it’s really easy to get yourself worked up into a state of panic and that makes it hard to think clearly and figure things out.

Now, onto your question. Unfortunately, I can’t give you super great news here. Even if a guy ejaculates near your vagina and not directly inside of it, there is still a small chance that you can get pregnant. Take into consideration exactly what happened and then figure out your steps from there.

The further away from your vaginal opening he ejaculated, the better – if this dude finished on your stomach, arm, breasts or legs, you would have had an almost zero chance of getting pregnant. However, from what you’ve said, it sounds like your boyfriend finished really close to your vagina. If he ejaculated on your upper thigh, close to that area, you do have a slim chance of getting pregnant. Sperm can be strong swimmers and there is the always the possibility that they can make their way over to your vaginal opening on their own.

Your chances of getting pregnant increase as the ejaculation happens closer and closer to the vaginal opening. But something important to keep in mind is that sperm can sometimes even make their way through thin clothing. So if your boyfriend ejaculated on your underwear, don’t assume your safe.

One common myth about sperm is that it dies instantly the second it hits the air. I wish that were true, for your sake, but unfortunately it’s not. Sperm can live outside the body for up to an hour. That’s why it’s really important to be safe even if you’re not having intercourse – a lot of people assume that they won’t get pregnant if a guy just ejaculates near their vagina, but that’s not true.

So, what can you do? If it’s less than 72 hours after this happened, you can stay on the safe side and take the Plan B pill. If it’s been more time than that, you can contact your doctor or take a pregnancy test. Don’t get into full-on panic mode though – your chances of getting pregnant are slim, but it’s always better to cover all of your bases. And keep this in mind for the next time – if your boyfriend is going to ejaculate on your body, have him do it on your stomach, your breasts or your arm – anywhere that’s far away from your vagina!

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  • Daniel Jimelo Chua

    What if you cum to her mouth .. And you continued it

  • goldenpants

    im I pregant?

  • Mirriam Njeri

    I have a question my period ended on Tuesday n my boyfriend n I were making out n not having sex bt he ejaculated inside my behind n outside is there a chance I could get pregnant

  • Rick Dhar

    Last day me and my gf play but I not fuck her but ejaculated on down belly… She is pregent… PLz tell me….. Fast plz…

  • Anthony Martinez

    Well today me and my gf had sex and I comed all over her vagina is there possibility of her getting pregnant

    • Rick Dhar

      Hey bro she is pregnant..

  • Vanessa

    Hey, me and my boyfriend had sex. He pulled out just before he ejaculated! It went on top of my vagina! I wiped my vagina and had more sex! Could I be pregnant?

    • Anthony Martinez

      Did u get pregnant me and my gf had the same problem

  • Nene

    Me and my boyfriend just got done having sex and ejaculate inside and outside Well I get pregnant We have sex Fri-Sun every week or 2 weeks Could I be pregnant without knowing it.

  • Miles Davis

    Me and my boyfriend were fooling around and he came near my vagina. I instantly wiped it and took a shower. We’re both virgins. Can i still get pregnant? What can i do to not get pregnant?

    • Anthony Martinez

      Were u pregnant cause me and my gf had the same problem

  • VVJaiswal

    Is there a chance for me to get pregnant? A little bit of ejaculate got onto my underwear and it was already a little wet! But changed the underwear within 5 mins! So is there a chance if semen cound have gone into and impregnate me?

  • Asque

    I need your advice, I am getting crazy worrying about this all day.

    yesterday at around 11am, my boyfriend ejaculated on my bed, but a few
    drops of the cum landed on my panties, and 2 drops on my inner thigh
    near the vag****. It was very small drops like a small drop of water.
    Immediately after, I got up and went to the washroom, took the panties
    out and put it aside to wash. Then, I took the water sprayer and sprayed
    the cum down. My question is, could the sperm, by chance, cause me to
    get pregnant? Because the water flowed through my vagi****. Immediately
    after I took a towel and dried my leg and everywhere including vag****,
    changed my panties and changed my bedsheet afterwords.

    Today, I went to the pharmacy and took plan b emergency contraceptive pills. Is there any chance I could get pregnant?

    come back to me as soon as possible. I really appreciate your time
    reading this and I am grateful for your help. Thank you in advance!



    My Friend Give A Hand Job And I my sperm came out but her short is not naked she has fully clothes and wipe my penis part and near my penis all of it and i put clothes back on and i wipe my hand too and i touch the outside of her vagina only outside i didin’t put my finger in i touch it maybe 10-30 second QUESTION IS (HOW MANY PERCENT CAN SHE BE PREGNANT?) I NEED ANSWERS PLEASE


    My Friend Give A Hand Job And I Cum but her short is not naked she has fully clothes and wipe my penis part and near my penis all of it and i put clothes back on and i wipe my hand too and i touch the outside of her vagina only outside i didin’t put my finger in i touch it maybe 10-30 second QUESTION IS (HOW MANY PERCENT CAN SHE BE PREGNANT?)

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    she gave me a handjob and i ejaculated and came to my stomach we rested and i put back my penis to my shorts with a underwear after a couple of mins we dryhumped and i rubbed my penis around her vagina. will she get pregnant? pls answer im on a panic