Too Embarrassed To Talk Dirty During Sex? Say This One Word Instead

There are a lot of advantages to talking dirty during sex. Dirty talk can make the whole experience more fun, it’s a great way to express yourself, it can make both of you even more turned on and it’s the best way to let your partner know exactly what feels good – thus, making sex better for both of you. But here’s the thing with dirty talk: if you’re not feeling totally comfortable with it, it can be embarrassing, awkward and terrifying… and none of these feelings make sex better. In fact, they can make sex worse.

If you feel way too embarrassed to engage in a little dirty talk with your boo, you probably feel totally confused as to how to let him know what feels good and what you want him to do more of. I mean, sure, moaning and groaning can get the point across, but with sex, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and tune out those noises. In general, voicing what you like and don’t like is the way to go – but, again, you might be too embarrassed to do that.

But according to Psychology Today, there’s no reason to force yourself into some seriously awkward dirty talk – instead, just say one little word that could potentially change your sex life forever. I know, that’s a pretty big statement… but it’s true! And, girls, this couldn’t be any easier.

All you have to do is start saying… “yes.” That’s it! Three little letters, one tiny syllable. You can totally handle saying “yes!”

Basically, you should let the word “yes” take the place of any dirty talk. Start saying “yes,” “Oh, God, yes!” or “Mmmmmm yes!” whenever your partner does anything that feels really good. Your partner will hear you saying “yes” and think, “She likes that. I should keep doing that.” And then everybody wins!

And if he’s doing something that you don’t really like? According to this article, you don’t need to say anything at all. After a few times of you saying “yes” when something feels good, your partner should realize that when you’re not saying “yes,” that means you’re not into it. Obviously, though, if your partner is doing something you absolutely hate and you want him to stop immediately, you should feel free to be like, “Um, stop, I don’t like that.”

Here’s a bonus: as you get more and more comfortable letting out a sexy “yes” when hooking up, you’ll eventually start feeling comfortable enough to say other stuff. Basically, saying “yes” when something feels good is the first step in your journey to become a pro at talking dirty. Start small by saying “yes,” and as you get more comfortable, start saying other phrases – and use Shallon’s advice on how to talk dirty as your guide!

And if you always just stick to simply saying “yes?” That’s fine too. Some of us will never feel comfortable launching into full-on porn star dirty talk and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you have an easy way of letting your partner know what you’re into that works for you, that’s what’s most important.

Are you comfortable talking dirty? If not, are you comfortable enough to say “yes” during sex? Do you think this is good advice? Tell me in the comments!


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    Thanx a lot I’m a newbie so i’m gonna start here with “yess” lol

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