What Is Emotional Cheating? Could You Be A Cheater Without Even Realizing It?

Could you be cheating on your boyfriend and not even know it? Of course, if you made out with another dude behind your boyfriend’s back you’d know that. But you may be cheating and not realizing it if it’s emotional cheating. And emotional cheating is more common than you may think–and you may be doing it without even realizing it. Here’s how to tell if you’re having an emotional affair . . . and whether it may lead to all-out physically cheating on your boyfriend!

Have you ever been accused of emotional cheating? Have you ever been with a guy who had an emotional affair behind your back? Have you ever had an emotional affair that led to all-out cheating? How did you deal? Tell us in the comments!

Will lying to your boyfriend improve your relationship?!

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  1. avatar Hannah says:

    I’m no emotional cheater I thought long and hard about it and I love my bf Greg,loads

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