Why Do Men Like Breasts? Find Out Which Guys Like Big Boobs The Most

Why do men like breasts? Or, more specifically, why do some guys like big boobs more than smaller boobs? I think it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty curious to know exactly what it is about boobs (which are really just pockets of fat) that drive some men crazy.

But can there ever really be a clear answer to the question of why some men like bigger boobs? After all, isn’t everyone attracted to different things? Is it really true that certain groups of people are attracted to certain things? Basically, is there really a science behind physical attraction? According to a few different studies, yes – Psychology Today recently posted an article about why certain men like bigger breasts and the results are kind of surprising.

So, why are some dudes really into D-cups while some dudes dig A-cups? According to one study, men who don’t have a lot of money are more into big boobs while men who are more financially secure like smaller boobs.  Doesn’t it sound crazy that the amount of money you have could influence what size breasts you like? Um, yeah, it does.

But apparently, one view on female breast size is that it acts as “a signal of fat reserves, which in turn advertises access to resources.” Psychologists tested out this idea by asking men from different socioeconomic backgrounds what size breasts they found more attractive. Sure enough, the idea seemed to be true – the men with less material goods liked bigger breasts more. Why? It sounds like they associate large breasts with more money and resources. Since poorer men are most likely striving for more money, it would make sense that they would like something that symbolizes more money. How do breasts symbolize “more resources?” Honestly, I couldn’t tell you.

The next study found that guys who were hungry were more like to find big boobs more desirable, while guys who were not hungry were more into small boobs. Completely random, right? Apparently this study was based on the evolutionary perspective that breasts are a sign of a woman’s ability to have and take care of kids. To tell you the truth, I’m still pretty confused as to how that relates to being hungry or not hungry, but okay. I’ll go with it.

Lastly, researchers tested out this theory even more and discovered that guys who really want to be fathers at some point like bigger breasts, while guys who don’t really want to be dads liked smaller breasts. So, it looks like that evolutionary theory about boobs rings true – it seems that some men do associate larger breasts with a woman’s ability to be a good mom.

So, to recap: guys who like big breasts generally do not have a lot of money, want to be fathers one day and are hungry. Men who like small breasts have a good amount of money, don’t want to be a dad and are not hungry.

Does this sound completely ridiculous to anyone else except me? While I sort of get the science behind each of these ideas, at the same time, I’m having a hard time believing these results. And that’s not only because these studies were pretty small (the dad one only looked at 67 men), but also because it just sounds silly to me. How does hungry and money affect what kind of boobs you like? More importantly, why do we need to know why some dudes like big boobs? Maybe some guys just like the way they feel! Maybe it depends on the girl. I don’t know, I just think there are a lot of other factors to consider.

That being said, these findings were pretty interesting. And so, I want to know what you think about them: do they sound legit or ridic?

What do you think about these studies? Would you take them seriously? Why do you think some guys like big boobs? Do you care about the reason? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Mark McKarrion

    LMAO, this is for white guys only. Non-white guys like curves and booty more than big floppy breasts, and we don’t like fake ones at all. Most men are NOT white, so this article if for white guys.

  • nathan chisholm

    What a load off garbage!

  • Samantha Derrick

    MEN PREFER LARGE BREASTS! the ones actively pursuing small breasts are the males who you find on the show “to catch a predator” messaging preteen females. trust me! a man wouldnt prefer a B cup over a D cup! which is why kate upton is more popular than Victoria beckham! Big breasts are more aeshtetically pleasing and feminine! go see how many views marika fruschoo has!!! Men see big boobs on a prety face and they rush! its a known fact that even strippers and hooters girls are tipped more when they are bustier! Im not at all condoning being a stripper or working at hooters! but even pious respected men know big boobs are more aesthetically pleasing! Im sick of flat females making up lies because society treats them as ugly!big breasts are more ideal than all the other features!! In a country where the vast majority are black skinned…being curvier is still ideal!!! because having big boobs is like winning the genetic lottery! its a rait you cant attain from eating or any skin cream! ITS A BLESSING! and its a known fact that everyone has warned others about Flat females are bitter and insecure! do not try to change or warp reality to suit your delusions!
    Yes, being a good person counts! but we are not talking about character now,we are talking at what is the ideal aesthetically! there are great women who are smart,curvy,kind..so thats a triple hreat because they have it all! give other women their props! Im not here to bully flat females! Im not pathetic. But I iwl not put down or hide myself so others feel “complete”. I wont chop my hair off so that some insecure girl will feel better about not having long hair! I wont talk bad about my beautiful face for an unattractive girl to feel good about herself! nstead of arguing with facts, flatter females should accept that they are insifficient in this area and move on! not tryo to rewrite rules,force/bully/shame men ito pitying them and bulling the mean busty girls! grow the hell up! Im sick of it,a nd sick of you and your 10000 fake accounts. I dont sit here and call a band of 100000 men to come embarass you and tell you the truth, I just posted the truth and thats it. Me saying it or 10000 others saying it doesnt matter! truth is truth! and a rural village in Iraq or a huge house in Los Angeles…men agre that being busty is a blessing.

    • Sana

      And I am sick of stupid/ nasty/ self entered cunts like you. You can stick your big boobs up your FAT ass !!! I have been happily married for 27 years and my hubby loves small A-B cups boobs with nice personality, not your ugly bitch/cunt personality with huge boobs. The TRUTH is you are fkn selfish, self-centered bitch, that wants every guy in the world to kiss your fat nasty ass.

  • The Dragon God

    Big boobs are viewed in the same way as wider hips and perhaps a bigger butt.

    Wider hips has to proved to make child labor easier for the woman, which I believe is true.

    Bigger boobs and bigger butts (as much as women may disagree) help them attract mates. In reality humans are apart of the animal kingdom, just because we do not have fur, fangs and cat eyes does not mean we are not animals. So, in the animal kingdom, certain animals have behaviors and appearances such as colored patterns that they use to get mates. When you understand that, it is much easier to understand that have with bigger features helps them gain a mate and shows they can bear children easier. You may hate it all you want, but science has the last and final word about it.

    If you’re offended by this, I am sorry, but it is fair when what you may have said offends me or other men. It goes both ways. But in any case, I’m just some internet entity, this is just my opinion. You may call me names like perv, or creep, but that’s likely coming from women who are insecure just like the OP here. So in defense, jealous, or just straight anger, you try to get even and make men who like these feel bad. That will not accomplish anything, yes you may feel good for a moment, but it will not change the world. Thus you’re wasting time.

    Any let’s not forget, women may think guys like this and me are shallow (though in reality it’s called “preference”), women look at men the same way. Oh does his have muscles, is he funny, is he intelligent, does he have money. You may not look at the same things (sexual or otherwise) but you’re still playing the game on the same field, whatever attracts you, I do not see you making any effort to change it and yourself, so neither should we.

    Boobs are weight since why some women get back problems, yet most women judge a man based on height, both are aspects of the human body so you can not deny that you look at us based off preference and attraction as well.

  • Stacy Hirsh

    I am a natural 38D and a lot of guys stare at me because of that. I wish they would like me for me instead of my boobs.

  • Chris Finnegan

    As a guy I really don’t care. Every time dudes ask me to look at the size of a girl’s boobs I always asked “so what”. They would talk about how big some are and I would ask them “why does it matter”. Finally they would say that they’re sexy and again I would ask “why”. In the end they tell me I’m weird. Some accused me of being gay. But to me I don’t care. Sure I want the person to sound, look, and feel like a woman which is harder to tell now that there are trannies running around, but the boob size doesn’t bother me. Except with hugs from strangers. I’ve met a lot of women who would try to press their boobs against me and ask me how they feel and so it makes me uncomfortable having boobs pressed against me and it would seem the bigger the boobs the more attention I get from others watching me when awkward stuff like happens. I want a girl who is kind, gentle, sweet, basically pure hearted with a little sense of adventure or activity. Their boob size does not make a difference to me. And men have yet to answer the question. Even the sites I go to that asks the same question only receives a simple “just because” or “they just do”. That does not answer “why”. I guess I will never know. But that’s what’s wrong with society. They care too much about body size and image and what it means to be a “woman/man” which causes low self-esteem amoung people especially women. Which also leads to seriously defective attempts to obtain the image every man desires which is impossible since people are interested in different things. I was called weird when some random dude asked if I masturbate which I didn’t know what that was at the time and I told him no I don’t and asked “why would I do that”. So again society really needs to grow up and improve. Women are trying to prove that they are completely equal to men that they are losing the greatest things about them. Women are equal to men in their own way but they want to be more. And those same women tend to be hypocrites cause they judge men too by the size of his muscles and penis. So people need to just stop judging and accept each other.

    • Tiernan Patrick


  • Roy

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are tons of men that like big and small boobs. I tend to prefer big boobs but not because of their size but because of their shape. Fuller breasts are my favorite type of breasts and it just so happens that bigger ones tend to be more full. With that said though, I’ve seen a lot of girls with small beautiful boobs that were irresistible, so even a boob man like me can be swayed by small beautiful boobs. Just be glad you have boobs ladies, there’s always going to be a guy that admires you and thinks your boobs are beautiful.

  • zaphodb

    As for the question posed by the title: we like breasts because they are attached to women.

  • zaphodb

    GAWD, why are women so obsessed with silly metrics of their appearance? Men like WOMEN (at least straight ones do). Mostly what we like is women who like us.
    I dated all kinds of women, of all races, which automatically means all kinds of boobs.
    I DID wind up marrying a particularly well endowed, tall woman of Germanic stock. But it was HER, not just her body, that attracted and kept my interest.
    And I’m a second generation CEO, so the “low income, hungry” idea is out the window.

  • Jessica

    I think it’s true because. My boyfriend is always hungry and has been poor most of his life.lol Maybe he secretly has always wanted kids too. He didn’t seem upset or anything when I found out I was pregnant and he was happy to find out it was twins. Maybe it’s not always true but I think it’s true with alot of men. I was a C cup when I first met him and it seemed like didn’t think that was very big. Now that I’m at the end of my pregnancy I’m a DD cup and he couldn’t be happier although I liked them better before.

  • tashina


    • Jessica

      You make it sound like you wish to be objectified by men. I know all women like to feel attractive but you shouldn’t rate your self worth by how many men rudely stare at your tits. Have some self esteem.

  • Dale John Stevenson

    I was born into a moderatly rich family, and i’ve always loved massive jumbos, so i married a hot woman with a natural K cup. This post is completly rubbish. So what you’re saying after i eat i will only like small tits, no way not on your nelly! I always like to grab my wifes big jumbos, and i love sucking her big milk jugs.

  • Ishan Kumar

    I think that it is ridiculous to say that poor men like big breasts. I have a girlfriend with big breasts, and I am not poor. I have the second most expensive laptop in my college.
    I don’t think it make logical sense to compare breast liking with money. I think it is connected with a whole lot of factors, like how soft they look and feel (even only by looking if we are considering not getting a feel by touching or atleast brushing). How the girl looks, nature of the girl. etc..
    Personally I love the fact that breasts of my girl feel like somethings which are big and I can have myself dive in them. They feel a little solid over the clothes which gives me a feeling of them being strong and protective for me and my future children. I also know that they are soft and when touched and pressed they get molded in any shape. They are big and beautiful.
    While on reflection, I can say with perfect confidence that even if my girl had smaller breasts than what she has in present, it wouldn’t have made any difference. I would still have found a hundred reasons why I love my girl’s breasts at that time too. So no I don’t really think that economic condition is a factor and this research with such a small sample can’t be taken into serious consideration (maybe for fun).

  • Bayz

    I have more than enough money for myself and a couple more of me, let alone a woman and kids…on the other hand I have big appetite and want to be a father some day so hey, 2 out of 3.

    I think they conflated “Having big boobs” with “Fat”. I like fat boobs, even fake tits, but I can’t stand fat women to be honest.

  • The honest man

    I dont care the sise but i prefer bcups and c cups so i like medieum normal sised boobs but im not to picky as long as you are a female that was born that way ps: all men have a 12 year olds point of view on brests which is let me see, and can i tuch,most me say ther into big ones but if a small breasted girl offered her brests to him they would be happy also small boobs and big but look so good just saying

  • noni

    I like big firm boobs and cant resist them cause the turn me on

  • katelynn esparza

    Bigger breats and an even butt makes you look like an hour glass what guy doesnt want that “Barbie” figure?

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