I Forgot To Take My Birth Control Pill – Am I Going To Get Pregnant?

Dear Heather,

I forgot to take my birth control pill last week and now I’m really nervous about it. I’ve been on the pill for a few months and so sometimes my boyfriend and I have sex without a condom. One day last week we had sex, then I completely forgot to take my pill, so I took two the next day. I’m supposed to get my period today or tomorrow and even though I’m not late yet, I’m really scared that I might get pregnant or something from forgetting about that one pill. Please help!!!

Try not to stress, girl! Every woman who is on the pill has most likely forgotten to take it at least once. Remembering to take these pills at the same time every single day can be tough, especially when you haven’t been on them that long. This stuff happens and while it’s not ideal, it also doesn’t mean that you’re now guaranteed to get pregnant.

You did the right thing by doubling up on your pills the day after. Whenever you forget to take your pill at your designated pill-taking time, take it as soon as you remember. It doesn’t matter if it’s one hour later or 24 hours later – take it right away when you realize you forgot about it. This should usually put you back on schedule.

It’s too late to change this now, but just so you know for the future, you always need backup protection whenever you forget or skip a pill. So if you usually have sex without a condom and then you forget to take your pill one day, you need to start using condoms until the end of that pill pack. If you forget your pill and you don’t double up on protection when you have sex, you may want to seriously consider using the Plan B pill just in case – but remember, you can only take that up to 72 hours after you have sex and it’s more effective when you take it right away. For other options for emergency contraception, read Gurl.com’s guide to Plan B and more.

Forgetting to take just one pill isn’t a huge deal as long as you take it once you remember, continue on with taking the rest of your pills normally and double up on protection until the end of that pill pack. Things get a little tricky when you forget to take two or three pills. If that happens, get in touch with your doctor right away and he or she will let you know what to do.

For right now, all you can really do is to wait to see if you’ll get your period. If you know you’re supposed to get it within the next day or so and you don’t, take a pregnancy test and consider calling your doctor. But try not to freak out. Keep in mind that forgetting to take a pill can mess with your hormones a little bit, so you may get your period a day later. It’s also important not to stress because too much stress can actually delay your period even more and that can quickly turn into an endless cycle. And remember this ordeal for the future – if you need help taking your pill, check out these tips and remember that if it happens again, double up on your protection.

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  • Ashley

    Hello my name is Ashley,
    I took my pill on Wednesday and had unprotected sex. He did cum in me. Then I missed the last two pills because my days have been all messed up, I had to take two at a time to catch up. I know sperm lives up to 7 days in you. I wondering what my chances are being pregnant. I’ve only been on the pill for a month.

  • tye

    I need 9 pills am I pregnant

  • paola

    I usually take it around 10 at night but i somehow forgot until the next night, i took the 16th tablet 9pm early, so i can take the next tablet at the regular time. But an fortunately, i forgot it also i take the 17th tablet the next morning 9am. And i forgot also the next tablet, i take the 18th tablet 5am. me and my bf had sex without protection. Could i possibly get pregnant? I only have 5 brown tablets.

  • chloe oneill

    I forgot to take my pill twcie in the few days , an I had sex with my bf last night he pulled out but he sed he cummed in me a little dose this mean I can still get prego ,,, am not ready to be a mum yet ! Someone help me please

  • S

    I missed 4 pills in the first week, started spotting for a week. Which I know is jus from missing but now I’m spotting pink, crampy and I can smell everything! Period should be here any day…possibility of ovulation or jus messed up hormones? I have a 2 yr old and been on bc for awhile.

  • Help!!

    Help advise plssss!!!!I started my pill pack on a wensday last month when it should be on Tuesdays every month so this means I missed a pill day. Now when I started a new pack n it’s usually when iam on my period, my period lasted only 4 days not 7 like usually.. Am I pregnant?? Should I get of the pill already idk what to think

  • sherry

    hi I was wondering I forgot to take my birth control pills sunday monday and tuesday, and I had unprotected sex last night. I took sunday and monday pills last night when I remembered but that was after we had sex. can i still get pregnant. My period isnt due for another 2 weeks. Please Help me.

  • Lsamantha

    Hi everyone I need your help, had sex on 2nd till 4th January 2014, I on the pill but I forgot to take it on the Monday , I woke up today feeling sick And I had cramp in my belly , I tuk a test other day and it sed neg what can I do ?

    I should had my period but not come on yet

  • Anonymous

    Dear heather,
    I forgot to take my pill the day before. And me and my boyfriend had sex the next day and he reminded me to take it after we had finished. We didn’t use a condom so we were kind of worried. So this whole week I didn’t take my pill and I started my period yesterday. Is it possible that I can still be pregnant? Should I get a couple of tests and take them in a week?

  • Glove

    Hi I need help!!! I’m in birth control. I had unprotected sex the week I was supposed to have my period but didn’t have it, then the next week I missed the first three pills of the cycle and the fourth day I took 2 then two days after I had unprotected sex and missed another pill the next week and now I have some bleeding before my period is due, can I be pregnant???

  • Amber

    Lately ive been forgwtting to take my bc pills but i always double up the next day or take as soon as i remember i had unprotected sex a few days ago could i b pregnant and ahould i continue taking my bc or waot till ik for sure im not pregnant plz help !

  • chantel

    I forget to take my pill on monday,on tuesday I take 1 pill and have sex with my partner on the same tuesday.so would like to know if I can get pregnant?

  • uNiQuE

    Its my first time taking birth control pills and I took it once then I forgot to take it Again and right after my period ended five minutes later I had unprotected sex he came inside me…. umm after a day or two later I took the birth control pill……am I still pregnant
    please help me!
    Iv been feeling nauseous,tired and hungry.

    • Glory

      I had sex wit my bf.1 hr later i took bc dat sam day 8oclock i took another is it posible i could get pergnate?

  • Two chains


  • shunta

    Hi my name is shunta and I forgot to take my pills I miss 5 pills and I didn’t do nunthin abt it and I want to know can I get pregnant .