This or That: What Happened This Week

What a week! A celeb couple ended, a cartoon character dropped a couple dress sizes, and Selena Gomez, uh, danced around in a field or something. Whether you’re a Vampire Diaries fan, a women’s rights advocate, or a wannabe flapper, this week had something to offer.

So tell us what you think about this week’s news in our This or That polls below!


Ian and Nina’s Split: Devastated vs. Couldn’t Care Less


Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have called it quits after three years together! While celeb gossip writers try to unveil all the messy details, a ton of Vampire Diaries fans are freaking out.


Selena Gomez: Yeah vs. Yikes?

Selena Gomez’s new video for “Come & Get It” finally dropped:


Fox Fodder: Went too far vs. fair game

The debate over expanding Plan B access is still brewing. For some reason, Fox News decided to center the birth control debate around Malia Obama’s sex life.


The Great Gatsby: See vs. Skip

Leo returned to the big screen this weekend with the release of The Great Gatsby. You know, that book on your 10th grade reading list.


Cat-Calling: Powerless vs. In Control


Girls are often victims of street harassment: Unwanted leers or comments by strangers. Does your outfit increase your risk?


Disney Drama: Big Deal vs. Whatevs 



Merida got a makeover, complete with a skinnier waist and frizz free hair. Needless to say, people are angry. There’s even a petition to return Merida to the original character design.

What do you think about these hot topics?  Which poll did you care about, and which did you think was totally irrelevant?  What did we forget to mention?  Tell us in the comments!


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  • carlycat

    Iam Somerhalder is so cute.

  • ZoZo

    Ian and Nina: Couldn’t care less. Great show, hope it’s not awkward, too bad for them, but I honestly don’t care much for the personal ongoings of celebrities. That came out really callous, but it’s more like indifference.
    Selena Gomez: Yikes. But I’m not a SG fan anyways, no offense to those who are!
    Fox Fodder: Line crossed. Nuff said.
    Great Gatsby: SKIP! It honestly was the soundtrack that turned me off. And the fact that the first trailer I saw looked like a steampunk movie. I love the Great Gatsby, but I wanted more of that twenties’ opulence rather than the modern twist that it seemed to have.
    Cat-Calling: Toss up. I think that what we wear does influence others’ reactions, but I don’t see why that should change what we wear. I’ll wear what I’ll wear; you think what you’ll think.
    Disney Drama: Honestly? I’m tired of all the Disney Drama. Let’s just accept the fact that Disney, like all companies out there, will do some stupid things. But let’s pick our battles, huh?

  • Jillian

    It must be awkward for Ian, Nina, and the rest of the Vampire Diaries cast. They have to work together every day.