From The Boards: My Friend’s Boyfriend Kissed Me! What Do I Do?

It always sucks when someone’s cheating in a relationship. But what if you’re involved because your friend’s boyfriend kissed you? This week on the message boards, our girls are discussing what to do if your friend’s boyfriend hits on you or makes a move.

Let’s see what you had to say!

justliveyourlife-xx said:

Tell her what happened and tell her what he’s like. I bet she’ll really appreciate that you did.

happystarzz said:

I would tell my friend what her boyfriend did if that happened to me. If she doesn’t believe you, she’s not a true friend.

HorseyGal14 said:

Uh oh! This is a bit of a difficult one. Because 1) Your friend might not believe you and break up with you. Or 2) when she finds out she might ask you why you didn’t tell her. 3) Her boyfriend might turn evil on you. He is obviously a really horrible boyfriend! If he kisses you again or flirts slap some sense into him! Maybe you should tell you friend, quietly, by herself and calming and tell her straight.

Or you could wait for her to realize and keep it to yourself, but then your have to watch her being played with this jerk. If the relationship is serious and she is totally in-love with him, then she might take your news badly. However, if you are really good friends and she knows her bf is a bit of a two timer and they have a weak relationship she will probably believe you. Maybe try to record an incident with him on your phone for evidence. Whenever you are alone with him try to secretly record it on your phone on voice recorder or something, then you can catch him out and your friend will know and he can’t deny it.

Alrighty, this is some real stuff. Let’s pause for a minute and pretend that her boyfriend kissed someone else instead of you. You would tell her, right? I hope you would. I would want to know ASAP if my boyfriend cheated on me. And I’d much rather hear it from my friend instead of someone random.

Now, let’s pick back up. The fact that he even flirted with his girlfriend’s friend isn’t okay. The fact that he made a move is even worse. You have to tell her as soon as humanly possible. Yes, she’s going to be upset. Yes, she might even get mad at you because she doesn’t want it to be true. She doesn’t want to think that her boyfriend kissed her friend or anyone else. She might even blame you for it.

If you don’t tell her, there are several things that could happen. He’ll tell her, and you’ve betrayed her by not saying anything. Someone else will tell her, and you’ve still betrayed her by not saying anything. He’ll keep making moves on you and other girls and will hurt your friend regardless. She needs to know now so she knows what a skeeze her boyfriend is.

Has your friend’s boyfriend ever made a move on you? What happened? Did you tell her? Tell us in the comments!

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  • kaite

    okay look my best friend Is named Anthony and we have been bets friends ever since 6th grade. and he got new girlfriend but me and her don’t really get alone but its whatever and one night he came over for mine and his movie night we always have and we were watching the movie and he turns on the lights and started to kiss me and I was like whoa there dude you have a girl friend and he was like who cares about her and kept kissing me now I have had a crush on him forever but I pushed him off and I said this isn’t right you love her and you know it and he was like no I love you well I made him go home and he was like Katie im sorry but I do and I want you and blah blah blah well the next day I talked to him about it and he was like well ive only been going out with her for a month I cant brake up with her and I was like whatever and he was like Katie if you tell her what happened my life would be ruined but remember that he told me he loved and wanted me so I went home and cried yeah but I didn’t know if I should tell his girlfriend or not I had proof but yet again he was my best friend and I didn’t know what to do so its been almost 2 months now and I still haven’t told her but now he’s starting to hit on me again and y best friend camryn told me if he does it again shes telling crissy herself so I thought I should share that with you guys