What Do Orgasms Feel Like? I’ve Gotten Really Wet, But How Do I Know If I’ve Had One?

Everyone is always talking about how orgasms are the best things in the world – but if you’re new to all of this sex stuff, how are you supposed to know if you’ve had an orgasm? What do orgasms feel like? We’ve got all of your answers on how to know for sure if you’ve had an orgasm.

ChickRx expert Roz Van Meter, Sex Therapist Diplomate and Licensed Marriage Therapist, says: 

Getting wet and having an orgasm are two different things. Getting wet may be the precursor of an orgasm, but it isn’t one. As frustrating as this sounds, you’ll know when you have an actual orgasm – but I know that doesn’t seem very helpful.

With an orgasm, you’ll feel a kind of release… that’s the sneeze analogy. It’s usually an intense feeling of release along with feeling very, very happy. However, be aware that no two orgasms are exactly alike. Not only do they vary from woman to woman, but they can be different in the same woman at different times. Some orgasms might make you holler, a la movie drama. Some are like gentle ripples. Some can be repeated several times and others can last for a long time. 

You should also keep in mind that normally when women orgasm, there is no physical evidence of that happening like there is when a man orgasms. But just because you’re seeing an absence of “stuff” down there doesn’t mean you haven’t climaxed. For women, it’s more of an intense feeling, like I said before.

The most important thing to know? However you orgasm is just right for you. There is no right or wrong here. Don’t compare yourself to the experience of porn stars, celebrities acting in movies or TV shows or anything your friends have told you about their own orgasms. And if you don’t think you’ve had an orgasm yet, don’t freak out. Try reading some of these tips and remember:  “The best is yet to come” – so to speak.

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  • Serenity

    When i first experienced an orgasm, i felt so good but it sucks because it doesn’t last that much for me. After an orgasm, is it normal to be very wet ?

  • Lisa

    You’ll KNOW when you’ve had an orgasm, it’s impossible not to notice 🙂

  • shanique

    i really dont get it