What Do You Think About Thongs?

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smileybubbly123 said:

“What do you think about thongs?”

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  • josh summers

    I am a guy who loves wearing thong underwear thongs are very comfortable once you get used to them

  • I have been wearing thongs since I found out they made them for guys, I was 15 then, 33 now. I wear thong bathing suits too. I cut my grass, BBQ and even sunbathe inbmy yard. Thongs are the most comforting and I’m sticking with them, just hope more guys pick up on the thong.

    • straightguythonger

      I’m a guy and I’ve been wearing thongs every chance I get for about 30 years now, thong underwear and thong swimwear. As I’m typing this comment, I’m sunbathing in the privacy of my back yard wearing a thong bikini swimsuit. I think they are so comfy and sexy. My wife won’t wear them, she says they hurt her behind but I love wearing them. I almost hate not having fabric in that crevice area. When I wear them to the gym I almost always forget I’m even wearing them they’re so comfortable. We’re all different so some will love them and some won’t. As for me, I LOVE THONGS (the ones for your feet AND your tushy)! Thong On all you Thong Lovers!!!!

  • Mandy

    I love them! They’re soo comfortable. They make you feel sexy and attractive. I wear them everyday. To school, To dance class, I sleep in them. And it won’t show panty lines. Honestly it’s probably my favorite piece of clothing. They’re so soft. I love them.

    • josh summers

      I also love thongs

  • FamilyGirl

    love them they can be so sexy make you feel very girly, l wear them almost every day so does my man he love lacy frilly thongs & yeah they keep everything in place to I wear sexy thong when I want to feel special & when not just plain thongs but always with matching bra, basque or cami top if sexy or the same colour bra.

  • sexilexi99

    one does not simply wear regular panties with yogas. i love thongs! i hate panty lines. and i feel so much more sexy in them.

  • Lori

    I wear them but I don’t like the wedgie feeling. When I wear a long gown, shorts or pants, I do not wear panties.

  • kimberley taylor

    love them I feel sexy in them and more comfy than briefs lacy ones for me

  • nounou

    I like tangas better.G-strings are sooooo uncomfortable! 🙂

  • violet7789

    I like them, they feel attractive and more comfortable to me. Boyshorts seem to go up my butt, but they just stay where they are comfortably. Plus they come in all sorts of cute designs, like with lace around the top or bows in front or even peep holes in the back with a charm or bow hanging down. The only down side, as with normal underwear, is when they get stuck between your outer lips and have to pull it out.

  • Gorgeous Ty

    I like them. They make me feel sexy when I wear them. But I don’t wear them everyday

  • Popcorn

    I would love to wear one (no panty lines) but they are soo uncomfortable!

  • Jenny

    Hate them! So uncomfy! It’s like a wedgie all the time.

  • Anastasia

    I love them! I wear them for all my performances for dance, ice skating, fashion shows, and acting. They make underwear lines nonexistent and once you get used to them, it’s just like regular underwear!

    • Dakota

      i’m a guy an i was dared to wear one all and i did and since that day i can no longer wear anything bbut thongs

  • Angie

    I personally love them they come in all different colors and designs and most of them are comfortable and you can wear them with stuff that if you wore regular undies with people would know you are wearing them but thongs smooth everything out and so unnoticeable unless of course you want people to see them i practically wear them all the time.

  • Cass

    I think that they’re absolutely sexy for every chica out there! But let me tell you having wedgies with them is not the best feeling in the world!

  • Mackenzee

    i guess they are fine, but i don’t like them