Is He Lying? 10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Liar

Sometimes your boyfriend might act a little shady or tell you something that makes no sense and you can’t help but wonder, is he lying to me? Catching a liar in action can be pretty tricky. Falsely accusing someone can start a big fight, but at the same time, you don’t want to seem too naive. So how do you know for sure if your boyfriend (or anyone) is lying to you?

I’ve put together 10 signs that your boyfriend might be a liar. Keep these things in the back of your mind, but also remember that trust is a big part of a relationship. If you feel like you can never trust this dude, there may be a reason for that and maybe you guys should end things. Also keep in mind that these aren’t foolproof – the truth is, there are some people out there who are great liars and are hard to catch in the act. But in general, these will be helpful for figuring out whether or not he’s a liar:

Do you think your BF is currently lying to you? Do you think any of these signs are wrong? What did I miss? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. avatar Brittany says:

    Well heres my question my bf had some messages on his phone told me it was his brother who was txting this girl name Tonya nd he had messages on fb said his brother hacked his account nd he dosent know who she is well he tells me to unfriend her on there because his brother added her on his fb now he’s friends with her again please help idk what to do we have been together six yrs nd have two kids together

  2. avatar katie says:

    5 years ago a girl told me her and my partner slept together, she has a reputation of sleeping with people around my area. I’m still with my partner from then but recently she has brought this up again and swears blind that they slept together I have asked my partner if this is true because it’s not fair living to me and he swears blind it isn’t true. I don’t get it though why would she still say this after all this time. If it’s true I’m never going to find out but I need to know to move on from this. My head is everywhere

    • avatar lisa cisick says:

      cuz my boyfriends ex girlfriends wears down she has two kids by him and the sex second baby is his and she said he cheated on me with her but he says its not his but he goes behind my back and get to see her in a way to see his kidsI told her she needs to get a DNA test and prove it to me that it says that she’s never win. It

  3. avatar saumya says:

    M in a rltnshp wid my bf frm last 4 years nd we were in livein frm last 2yrs my guy is so confusing I cnt understand if he still loves me or nt suddenly he is changed start telling lies fight wid me whn I go to my hstl nvr ask me nt to go instead he calls his frnds nd enjoy m vry confused plz gv me suggestions

  4. avatar collene says:

    Knave been going back and forth for months now trying to figure out if my bf is cheating and trying to hide it. I came across your page and read every. Word twice. :( sadfully for me everyone of these I can relate to. I love him with everything I have, but I know he does not feel the same. I know I pry way to much these days and excuse him of lying to me often. But I know he is. Recently I found a women’s earring at his job site. It obviously is not mine and he is the only person besides me they goes there. I am afraid to find out he is cheating and I am losing myself not knowing the truth. Thank you for your in site. It does bring some clearity.

  5. avatar Prudence says:

    My boyfriend always lie to me,yesterday he said he will call me to tell me to come to him he release at half pass 3 bt he dont.later on at half pass 6 he cal me nd sy yoh bby i ws at work sowry nd lv u

  6. avatar says:

    I feel so sad right now, after 4 years of trusting him I found out the terrible lies he did to me, though I forgive him at the back of my mind I don’t want to stay with him any longer because I can’t trust him anymore, I have the feeling of getting revenge but I don’t want to end up like him and still I have self respect, I am having a hard time telling him that I want to break up with him and I dont want to marry him anymore, there are times that I cried easily because I could still remember what he did to me, I still love him & continue to nurture him atleast at the end there is no blame in my part that I didn’t do everything for him, I feel like I am no longer beautiful & no longer attractive because of what he did to me, I felt like I am not enough, I am not good, I don’t worth to know the truth it hurts me.
    I remain calm and trying to handle the situation and thinking what would be a good thing to do.
    All i know is I love him but I can’t trust him any more.
    He don’t want to lose me when i attempt in breaking up with him because he realize that he can’t find a girl like me so can take care of him more that I took care of myself, he is now more caring to me after I confronted him that he was not the same person I met.
    I’m hoping that someday I can make a wise decision through the help of prayers. this was not easy for me.. I hope I can be brave enough like any other girls out there who is able to let go and move forward.

  7. avatar Autumn says:

    He said he didn’t get my text messages but when I went to look at his phone he was deleting something I didn’t question it but I think it was my messages or someone’s that he’s trying to hide from me

    Today he said he was coming to the skate park for my friend then said he had company but I think he didn’t really want to come and just went home

  8. avatar Belle says:

    Well over the last 2 months of my relationship, I have found out that my boyfriend lies to me and his parents. He lies about stupid stuff, he lies to try and get out of things, he lies because it has become a habit etc… He has started getting help, but anything that his counciller has said, he doesnt really take it in and think about what the guy has told him before he says anything. Hes lied to me loads of times and I dont believe him anymore! Why cant he just be straight up and tell me the truth! Heres a story… Someone told me that he hooked up with a chick lily before going out with me. I asked him and the first story that he said was I went to the movies with a few mates and her. I didnt talk to her or sit next to her. I asked him another day did nothing happen cause I believe that person that told me that he did hook up with her more than my boyfriend. I kept going on about it because I knew that something did happen and was seeing if he was going to tell the truth. He swore on his parents lives and his nanas grave ( he was quite close with his nana when he was younger) that nothing happened, he didnt talk or sit next to her. Last night I found her on fb and said oh Im going to message her and ask her if anything happened. Then he decided to say that he went out with her and did sit with her and talk to her. But what I dont get is that he swore on peoples lives and yet he still lied on their life? He always uses an excuse that he is scared of the out come. But now since he swears on peoples lives, then Thats the only way I used to believe him and now I dont! I dont know if he is still lying that nothing did happen but I dont see why he needs to lie about stupid stuff :/ what do I do?

  9. avatar dani says:

    My cuzzen is trying to.say my boyfriend tryed to sleep with her. I don’t beleave it cause I think hes a little. Smarter than trying to sleep with my family for one two I was home he was.asleep before me plus I’m a light sleeper plus our.son was sleeping in our bed at the time and shes trues starting stuff a lot of times with past relasionships. What do u think

  10. avatar jahzara23 says:

    My bf lied to me about having instagram and I cnt trust him nd now he mad because I blew that lie up in his face.

  11. avatar lucy says:

    Iv been having dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me 5 time u a row and i no i cnt trist him beceouse of the make me feel he call me names and says he can get any beur wat do i do ????? Iv been wit him 4 years

  12. avatar Lu says:

    i have been dating my B/F for over 3 years, before I met him he was in the throws of getting divorce, which still is on going, in the meantime i find out that he is in contact with her, I find out about this and its the lies and I have lots trust??? what does this mean> please some advice

  13. avatar preanca says:

    I have been dating a guy for 4 months . He keeps on saying that he loves me n all that. But its an LDR and I am not being able to trust him. Like today his whatsapp status msg was “don’t fall in love, fall off a bridge still better” I am feeling really lost now. Ineed help

  14. avatar darby says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for four months, we live together and we argue a lot. aout supid stuff. He lves to pick on me and make jokes of being “fat, or ugly, or annoying” just to make me angry he thinks its funny. I am not allowed to look though his phone cause he says he doesnt have anything to hide on it. Every once in a while I just click the button to see if anyone has texted him. No one ever does. He deletes all of his calls and texts, he says he always has done that. he goes to work and comes home. every other weekend he goes to his moms to spend it ith his son. Lately I cannot go because i work, or his mom doesnt like having people over in her small apartment My last boyfriend of 2 1/2 yrs cheated on me. Am i just scared to trust him because of how bad i was hurt, ordo i have somethingto worry about? he says he loves me. and i love him. and lately we havent had much sex because hes always tired and sore from work and evry night we go play basket ball. what do i doo

  15. avatar Mary says:

    He lied to me and said he wants to marry me but all he does is treat me like a stranger, he never makes me believe him. each time I call him he never takes my calls. he wud rather drop his phne, when I ask about his weired behaivour, he lies to me and says was not aware of my calls.

  16. avatar brenda says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years and now making plan to get married, we have overcome a lot of issues but one which is his ex that has a kid with him. I understand that parents must communicate because of their kids but its very different with this one. I too have an ex with 3 boys, His ex lives 5000 miles away and he can sit and text her for hours a few times a week and paces around and will not reply if i’m close enough to him. Also she feels like its ok to text at 1, 2 am. I have talked to him about all of this and had some major arguments about it, I thought these issues with her were over and done with but I don’t think that’s the case. I’m tired of feeling like i am living under someone else’s shadow and feeling like an option and not a priority, He deletes all his messages now. I guess he’s trying to hide something. This has been an ongoing issue for sometime, In the beginning was a lot more severe than the constant texting. I am making plans now for our wedding and I am having second thoughts again. I feel so disappointed with this situation and perhaps with myself as I forgiven alot.

    • avatar bonnie says:

      so nt cul,thnk u sud leave 4 the sake of ur hpines luvie…there r so
      many guys,i knw it myt b hard 2 move on bt u gt 2 do it 4 the sake of u
      gtin hurt….if u guys tlkd abt it thn it seems ur an option bcs he
      hasnt stoped chatin 2 hs baby mama…..

  17. avatar brittnay says:

    my boyfriend told me he had to go to work on a Saturday because of the snow ….so they want be behind but I think he is lying

  18. avatar Katie says:

    My boyfriend lies about the stupidest shit! Tonight, thanksgiving, he lied to me right to my face in front of his own family. He had been gone for a while (half hour or so) and I had looked inside and out for him, and couldn’t find him. His mom called down to a friends house and the friend said that yes he was there but he left about 5 minutes ago (him and his brother walked). When he came back and I asked him where he was, his response was ” we went down to the lake to drink a beer”. Not knowing his mom had already talked to the friend and we knew where he had gone. He didn’t tell me he was leaving, he was there one minute and the next he was gone. When we left I asked him again and he continued to lie to me until I said well your mom called down to Lenny’s house.. And he said than I guess u know where I was actually at. There was ok reason to lie. He just went to say hi to the guy. But for whatever reason, he lied. He does this very often. He will do favors for his aunt who lives behind us, and lie to me about it until he’s upset with her about something than he will say “well I ain’t doin this for her anymore or that” and it would have been the first I heard about it, I would have heard a different story. Or when he was working with his last boss, they would go do stuff after work and he would lie to me and say he had been working the whole time. Like they would ride around to different shops buying shit his boss needed, than would tell me he had been at so and SOS the whole time mowing the lawn. The best one was when he was working at a factory and he would take breaks with this one girl and not talk to me. Mind you we were seeing each other an hour a day MAYBE, so the 5 minute phone call meant a lot. He would lie to me and say his phone was dead or he didn’t have the time.. But a friend of mine who also worked there told me that he was taking breaks with this girl and another guy. He said later that they were just friends, and that she started to come on to him and he told her he has a girlfriend, (the night she came on o him was the same night he told me about her comin on to him, so as soon as it happened he fessed up).. But it makes me wonder if they were just talking than why lie? He will lie about shit from his past too, like certain girls or whatever. The thing is, is I can’t lie a single bit about any of the past guys before him, if he finds out I lied about any he flips. But he will lie to me about them. I don’t understand? I think it’s best if him as I just go our separate ways either until he can learn to grow up or quit lyin or something. Otherwise I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

  19. avatar faith says:

    go n get wats yours,but does he love you like u do?

  20. avatar steph says:

    I think my bf is talking to another girl that he works with n we’ve been in fights about her before cuz i just don’t get a good feeling about her around him.then he stopped talking about her completely, at a work picnic everyone called them bestfriends n i tried to think nothing of it to avoid a fight but tonight i found her in his snapchat log n don’t get why this girl is so important.any time i bring get up he gets really pissed off.idk if its cuz he’s hot headed or if something is going on.i don’t want to think there is but we’re gettin married n having a baby….i hate feeling this way about him..I’m crazy in love with this man..

    • avatar brittnay says:

      my boyfriend told me he had to go to work on a Saturday because of the snow ….so they want be behind but I think he is lying

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