MENstruation: Do Guys Get Periods Or PMS?

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If a guy is moody, it doesn’t mean he gets periods or PMS. It means he’s moody. | Source: Shutterstock

Cosmopolitan posed the question: Do guys get periods? And um, no. No, they don’t, because menstruation is physically impossible if you don’t have female equipment down there.

Apparently the only time Cosmo thinks women get moody is when we have PMS, because when they asked if guys get periods, they cited dudes getting moody and “PMS-y” as the reason. The article goes on to explain that guys can get IMSIrritable Male Syndrome. No, really. Because if a guy is cranky, it’s not because he’s cranky.

Cosmo says guys can actually experience “sympathy PMS,” which is when they start feeling emotional and moody at the same time as their girlfriend has PMS. Guys can also get IMS, which is sort of a ridiculous name, when their testosterone levels drop. (Typically, testosterone levels are highest in the morning and can fluctuate throughout the day.)

Here’s the thing–lots of women get mood swings when we’re not PMSing (for example, as a Jets fan, I pretty much have one giant mood swing for the duration of football season), and guys can be grumpy jerks without having a stupid syndrome attached to it. Cosmo advises that if your guy is being a “beotch” and you think he’s on his period (Christ, seriously?), to “cut him some slack” because “we do it too around that time of the month.”

But that implies that neither we nor our guys are responsible for our own behavior just because our hormones can fluctuate. If you’re a monster to your guy when you’re PMSing or if he’s a douchebag to you when he’s IMSing (ugh, really?), maybe you’re just a monster and he’s just a douchebag. There aren’t always three-letter excuses for that.

Do you think guys get periods? Do you think guys can get PMS? Do you think IMS is a load of crap like I do? Tell us in the comments!


You get periods–and they can result in embarrassing moments like these!

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  • Synickel

    Interesting how an article like this states a point by not stating a point, but ridiculing something they know nothing about. I have been married twice, and I don’t get cramps and the physical stuff, but could always tell when their period was coming on before they would say anything. I would get extremely tired and depressed. My second wife even only has mild symptoms and doesn’t tell me when she start, but I almost always know because of how I suddenly start to feel bad out of the blue. You might learn something if you try being thoughtful instead of insulting.

  • Jacob O’Mary

    I don’t know about being “cranky” or whatever that means, but I was once in a relationship with a woman where I would get extreme abdominal pain when she had menstrual cramps. From that point on, I never made fun of a woman’s monthly visit ever again. If what I felt was even an inkling of what women feel, then I’m surprised being “cranky” is the stereotype, and not being “murder-y”.

  • Janvier Li

    Well someone’s bitchy and cynical! I think the Cosmo article is cute and kind of valid. People around me get sympathy cramps even if I don’t complain about them……men and women! Sounds like you could use some midol and chocolate yourself, lady, although I’m privvy to donuts and advil myself.

  • Tiffany

    It depends on the bond and connection with your man. I’m married and me and my husband are connected 100%. He knows when I’m upset, he can sense it, even when he’s at work. If I’m angry with him about something, he will call me so we can discuss it because he stated he can’t focus knowing I’m upset about something, and it’s the same for me with him. If he hurts himself, I feel it. But back to the topic, when your that deeply connected with someone, the monthly cycle shares the load. I used to get the whole smash (pms, cramps, break outs, emotional roller coaster). Now, all I do is menstruate and cramp. My husband gets the mood swings, the break outs and the midnight food cravings. In fact, as I was typing this, he got up to pee, grabbed the bag of cool ranch doritos, got back in bed and ate the chips with his eyes closed. He’s also incredibly cranky during this time of the month. He says it’s my fault (lol ).During this time, any little thing irritates him and I have to fix it. At the end of the day, a “for sure” sign that your man loves you and is absolutely crazy about you is if he connects with you on the level where he rides your period out with you and shares what you feel for 5 days out of the month, even something as dreadful as a period.

    • Steve Bice

      I get the belly pain, mood swings a day before my partner. I’m her body clock:) we are 100% emotionally connected and I’m happy to share the pain.

  • Tabitha

    Um actually! Cosmo never said pms is the only time get pissy. Actually, I remember articles that talks about it. Men don’t have periods like women, but sympothy periods do happen. And IMS does happen as well. My dad had it for a while. My mom explained it to me. But Cosmo always has articles that does in fact include the fact that women had mood swings when they are not on their period!

  • FoxxyRoxxy

    Even though guys don’t menstruate, I really think they have douche-y moodswings. I’m not saying that they should be cut slack for being douchebags. They don’t have to deal with cramps and bloating and fatigue and the list goes on. SUCK IT UP CUPCAKE! YOU’RE JUST BEING A BUTT! Low testosterone my left ovary!

  • Believe it 100%

    Honestly,I don’t believe it’s a load of crap.Being with my husband for over 2 1/2 years, he gets irritable at the same time as when i’m on my period.I can be in the best mood and his just goes from nice to complete asshole.I don’t know if I would call it IMS (sounds like a tacky label to me) but I do think they are onto something.

  • Elise

    Here, here! I second what k has to say. Don’t forget about the T’s
    (lmao Buck Angel and all the other ftm’s, and just because MTF’s aren’t biological cis-females doesn’t mean they don’t get their ups and downs- many are single and don’t conform to ANYone else’s PMS or IMS…. they have their own medium and internal “totm.”c 🙂

    • Dragon Chi

      Know what’s crazy is I am MTF And had some weird mood swings today, craving for chocolate, and cramps. One of my friends suggested it might be like how some women wish to be pregnant so greatly they experience symptoms of pregnacy.

  • k

    Some guys do menstruate though ! Not every single male-identifying person has to have a penis.
    This site seems pretty friendly to lgb folks… don’t forget about the t!