Things I Don’t Want To Hear When I Wear A Padded Bra

Regardless of your cup size, chances are you’ve rocked a padded bra at some point. Some people want to boost their bust size, but not everyone does it to look bigger–some of us just need the shaping and support that come with padding and structure. Regardless, padded bras are sort of magical, and we’ve all dealt with them at some point.

And with the magic of padded bras come embarrassing moments with them, too. There are some things you never, ever want to hear when you’re boasting a boosted bust. Here are sentences we never want to hear when wearing a padded bra!

Have you ever had an embarrassing moment with a padded bra? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard while wearing a padded bra? Tell us in the comments!


What do guys think about padded bras and fake boobs?

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  • ficloeezcv

    I am not sure if this is the right spot to put this, however I have a serious issue.

    If I run every day and eat 1200 calories, will sitting around at college make me gain weight?

  • angana mallick

    i hate those.disturbing to wear

  • Kitty

    Yeahh… I lost a lot of weight this last year (gained a lot, lost a lot…) and when I lost it… I lost some boobage. I was close to a C cup (still a B though), and now I’d probably be better in a larger A or smaller B. The loss hit me kinda hard as I am very sensitive and aware of my body and used to have fairly bad body image, so I wear a padded pushup.

    Flash back to last weekend when my boyfriend and I were making out. He touches my breast for the first time and whispers “…whoops” before kissing me again… and I only know this happened because I saw it. Couldn’t feel a damn thing. Since then, I’ve been joking with my best friends: “Is it a sign that I have too much padding when my boyfriend touches my breast and I can’t feel it? Yes? Damn…” 🙂

    Kitty :*