The Cleveland Kidnapping Case: What Happened & How You Can Stay Safe


This is the house in Cleveland where three kidnapping victims were trapped for three years. | Source: WENN

The Cleveland kidnapping is super scary, and it’s even scarier to think that the kidnapper blames the women he abducted. What the heck?! Here’s what happened–and brace yourself, because it’s really, really disturbing:

Ariel Castro kidnapped three young women: Gina DeJesus was 14 when she first went missing in 2004, Amanda Berry about to turn 17 when she disappeared in 2003, and Michelle Knight was 20 when she went missing in 2002. Castro kidnapped the girls by offering them rides home from school and work.

The girls were then subjected to ten years of rape and psychological torture in Castro’s home. Castro got Knight pregnant at least four times, forcing her to abort the baby each time–usually by starving her for weeks, then punching her repeatedly in the abdomen until she miscarried. He also forced Knight to deliver Berry’s baby in a kiddie pool to “contain the mess.” (Castro told Knight that if Berry’s baby died, he would kill her. WTF?!) There were chains and ropes found in the home, and the girls weren’t sure if they’d ever get out.

The girls escaped when Castro accidentally left a door open–and even then they were scared to leave, fearing he was “testing” them–and that they’d face dire punishment if they tried to escape. But they still made an attempt, and thankfully, succeeded when Berry broke through a screen door and got neighbors’ help to call the police.

Since the news broke, suicide notes from Castro have been found, revealing a history of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, Castro didn’t break the cycle–he just expanded it and made it worse and even more horrifying:

Listen, I know this sounds like advice you get when you’re a little kid, but the reason why you heard it so much is so that it would be drilled into your head: Never get in strangers’ cars. Ever. Ever. The horror these girls went through is unimaginable and unspeakable, and it’s absolutely never the victims’ fault. It’s Ariel Castro’s fault that Ariel Castro kidnapped these girls in Cleveland. Period.

But please–don’t make it any easier for any other sickos to repeat this terrifying act.

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  • bella tori

    My god! What a horrifying experience for these beautiful women! I can’t even begin to imagine what they have all gone through. My stomach is in knots 🙁 Castro deserves real punishment and not just being locked up in a cell for the rest of his life. I mean, he needs to be castrated in front of his victims!!!