12 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting My First Period

You hear about periods in health class and then just kind of start waiting for it to happen. It can be an exciting milestone, but it also can be one that fills you with a lot of nervousness. You may know what it is, but what exactly is it going to be like? Waiting for it to happen (maybe at any second!) can be stressful.

That’s why we’re here to help! We’ve pooled our collective wisdom to help ease your mind before your first period. Trust us, you’ll be fine, but there are still are some helpful pointers to know to make that first time (and really just any time after that) feel more under control.

I know, we usually do 10 things for these round ups, but we just felt there were so many things to know about periods, that we’ve come up with 12 pieces of advice. So what are they? Here are the 12 things we wish we knew before getting our first period.

What are some questions you have about getting your first period? If you have already had yours, do you have any advice for other girls? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Julia

    I had pms and all that when I was 10 and I didn’t get my period untill I was almost 13. Plus I totally agree with kiara. Periods suck!

  • xxbadgurlxx

    i just got my first period im so scared im only 11 so i came to this website im so freaked out please help me or give me advice.

    • CeCee

      xxbadgurlxx, don’t worry so much. You will be fine. I know it’s really scary getting your period for the first time. I was only in fourth grade. Have you talked to your mom or a trusted adult about it yet? I know it may be embarrassing, but eventually you’ll be joking around about it with your friends in high school. Make sure that for school you wear both a tampon and a pad, and if you are scared to use a tampon just yet, just wear a pad and change it every hour or so. Whenever you get you period, treat yourself to a day off, watch a couple movies, eat some chocolate. Every girl gets it, so it perfectly normal to be worried the first time you get it. You be fine!!

  • jenny

    I’m 13 and havent started my period yet all my friends have and I have been asking them how they started but they said you start having discharge but I have ben having that since I was 12 what’s the problem ??????

    • Caitlin

      Don’t worry, I started my period when i was 13 and I had been having discharge for 2 years until I started. Another sign of when it will arrive is stomach cramps. Some people just start at different times. I started on the same week as my friend but that’s just a massive coincidence. Honestly don’t worry about it, you will get it one day. You are more prepared for it when you’re older.

    • sandra andrews

      jenny is yhe discharge whitish or cream if it is its normal cos it keeps the vagina
      moist nd its a sign ur periods r close by

  • Kiara

    God, I hate my periods so much. I’ve had them since I was nine and they’ve never been consistent. Sometimes they come twice a freaking month. I hope birth control goes over the counter soon, cause I’m sick of the pain and mood swings (my parents are seriously against them, the very term makes their blood boil)

  • Amber

    monthyinfo.com is a great website that helps you keep track of your periods. You can even have email reminders sent to you beforehand or export dates to your iCal or Google Calendar. I’ve been using it for several years now and find it incredibly helpful.