The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Studying For Finals

The sun is shining, birds are chirping and you can basically feel summer vacation in the air. So obviously, the number one thing you want to be doing is studying for finals, right?

Oh, final exams. That giant mountain standing between you and sweet summer freedom. Still, finals are usually a big chunk of your grade and not something to be treated lightly. You really should put the effort into doing your best and using good study strategies, so that you can finish out the school year on a strong note.

But I’m not going to sugarcoat it and act like studying for finals isn’t a whole lot of work. Flashcards, combing through old notes, remember what the quadratic equation… it’s a lot. I still stand by my belief that studying is important, but if you’re looking to try and ace your exams with the least amount of effort possible, I can definitely think of a few things that are worth a try. Hey, it’s your grades! Here are 10 ways to make studying for finals way easier:

How many final exams do you have this year? How do you go about studying for finals? Tell us in the comments!

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