10 Awesome Fictional Teachers And The Lessons They Taught Us In GIFs!

In addition to it being International Clitoris Awareness Week, it’s also Teacher Appreciation Week! I really had no idea that May was chock-full of this many holidays the first week in. Anyway, the school year is coming to an end pretty soon. Some of you might already be done! Before you leave, say thank you to your teachers because they really deserve it.

Teachers don’t just teach you lessons in class, but they teach you lessons in life as well. I learned so many valuable things from my teachers that weren’t related to the quadratic formula or evolution. Take some time to appreciate them!

Check out some of the best lessons and moments from our favorite teachers in TV and film:

Ms. Norbury taught us to not call each other sluts and whores.

And that it’s okay to bow out of awkward moments.

And that sarcasm is sometimes your best weapon.

Professor Dumbledore taught us to be positive.

And that there’s nothing wrong with having hobbies similar to your grandmother’s.

And that sometimes you just need to dance it out.

Professor McGonagall taught us to appreciate the little things in life.

And the perfect look of disapproval.

And that sometimes you have to handle things your way.

Professor Snape taught us to be assertive.

That sometimes we need to get it together.

And that love can be forever.

Miss Honey taught us the importance of silver linings.

And to never underestimate a good eyebrow raise.

And that chocolate solves a lot of problems.

Mr. Feeny taught us that friends can be family too.

That belief in yourself is important.

That sometimes you just have to accept nicknames.

Dewey Finn/Mr. Schneebly taught us to live hardcore.

And that sometimes you have to break a few rules.

And that eating is important.

Mr. Fitz taught us that life doesn’t always go according to plan.

And that things get real.

That coffee really solves everything.

Miss Frizzle taught us that safety comes first.

Mr. Schuester taught us that love is a big, big deal.

That you don’t have to do everything right all the time.

And that someone’s out there for all of us, despite our flaws.

Who are your favorite fictional teachers? What did they teach you? Tell us in the comments!

Make your teachers proud and study for finals!

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