Reader Hookup Confession: I Wrote A Poem For My Crush And He Found It!

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

You know that feeling when you want a hole to open up in the ground beneath you and make you disappear forever? Well, that is one feeling that I am way too familiar with. My life practically revolves around that feeling. Every moment of my school days are full of feeling like that and the weekends and holidays are days when I am waiting nervously for the next embarrassing moment to happen to me.

My most embarrassing moment so far happened only a few days ago. I’ve been crushing on this cute guy in my school forever and when I say crushing, I really mean that I’m in love with him. I decided to write a poem for my one and only. It took me two weeks to write it – I poured my heart and soul into it! I had planning on giving it to him, but once I was done, I decided that I wouldn’t give it to him after all. I’m way too shy and the poem explained exactly how much I liked him and why. Instead, I carried it around with me everywhere to make sure that no one would find it.

Then the worst thing happened: my crush found it and took it! We were joking around in class and the poem fell out of my backpack onto the floor. He grabbed it and when I begged for it back, he said it was his now and I couldn’t have it. I tried my hardest, but no matter what, he wouldn’t give it to me. 

It’s been a few days and he still has it. I know that he has definitely read it by now and I can’t even look him in the face! We’ve both been avoiding each other. Ugh, that’s the last time I write a love poem like that.

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  • Roanne

    I also wrote a few love letters to my crush and it was late night, and I was being 10000000% honest in them so it was better not to give them. So I just put them in my Violetta diary (Yes, I’m 16 and I still love the Violetta series) in hope that he would NEVER EVER read them.
    Someday I made the mistake to take it to Church to show my bestie what I wrote him exactly, but she wasn’t there. AND GOD THANKS HE ALSO WASN’T THERE. My guy bestfriend (who’s also my crush’s bestfriend) took my diary and started reading EVERYTING. Even the most awkward things that you would say that I have to go to a psychiatric hospital.
    So he kept reading and I was so ashamed of everything and all written in my diary but I tried to take it back. But surprise: he said that if I try one more time to take my diary back, he’ll tell my crush EVERYTHING I’VE WRITTEN.
    He took the love letters and gave my diary when he was saying: “You’re really cray abt him, aren’t you?” Then he also added: “Don’t worry. I’ll give him the letters you wrote, we’re spending a few days together so I got the time ;)”
    I was like “Whaaat??” But yea I couldn’t take them back :/
    And now I’m still waiting for an answer 😐

  • shelley

    This is terrible here goes….

    ok so a couple of weeks back I was having a english lesson and what i forgot to do was put a freaking pad on so throughout english I was bleeding and didnt even notice so wen I stood up I looked at my seat and there was some blood -__- and then I shut the chair in really quik and out of habit I looked at my crush and he was looking at my chair and them looked up at me ( FML ) Ijust looked away and for the rest of the day I just wanted to kill my self and the worst part there was a lesson straight afterwards so someone had to sit in that chair ……..

  • Lina

    Nice one

  • Anonymous

    when I was in 7th grade, I wrote a sort of peom about my crush because I was trying to figure out why I actually liked him in the first place. Anyway, like you, I carried it around school so nobody would find it, but i guess it fell out because he of all people found it and immediately recognized my handwriting since we were good friends. We left school on a friendly not, but I’m still so embarrassed and speaking to eachother is still very awkward..

  • Rachel

    I wrote a note to my crush a week ago… And now he is going around, getting everyone’s signature, trying to Match up the handwriting, BUT I WROTE THE NOTE IN MY NEAT HANDWRITING!!!!!! I knew he was gonna try something like that, (he is also my bff’s brother, so she tells me what he plans to do to find out who likes him)
    I sorta want him to know who it is from but at the same time I don’t :/
    I am 14 and he is 15.

  • Jill

    I’ve had something like that happen to me. In second grade a wrote an I love you letter for this guy that I liked, but after he read it he got up and threw it away! omg I was like wtf?!

  • Genette

    lmao omg it’s not even a hook-up story,just something i did once in like second friend and i liked the same guy,he went out with my days she left early,so i left a note on his desk that had the lyrics to Don’t Cha by The Pussy Cat Dolls.well i chickened out and took off of his desk before he got back.i still somehow got his number and he somehow found out that i liked him,but we stayed friends and my crush on him faded away