Celebrate International Clitoris Awareness Week With Us

We’re not even a full week into May yet, but there have already been like a million holidays and things to celebrate. There was the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo. I’m not complaining, though. I love to celebrate!

Now we have another thing to celebrate: International Clitoris Awareness Week!

Say what? First of all, yay for someone finally not being afraid to say clitoris. And second, yay for a whole week dedicated to a great part of the body!

This is the first ever Clitoris Awareness Week, and it’s about time. The people behind this brilliant idea are Clitoraid, an organization that celebrates sexual freedom and helps victims of female genital mutilation.

Clitoraid spokeswoman, Nadine Gary, stated “Clitoraid is proud to announce its first annual International Clitoris Awareness Week, May 6 to May 12.” Gary and the rest of the Clitoraid group have worked for years repairing clitorises and helping victims. In her statement, she revealed that they are opening “the world’s first Clitoral Restoration Hospital” on October 8th.

She told the Huffington Post, “We’ve noticed that the clitoris has not gotten its spot in the limelight. It makes people feel uncomfortable. For this week, we don’t want to focus on genital mutilation.”

International Clitoris Awareness Week will be held during the first full week of May, which is National Masturbation Month. Gary says that masturbation is something that will be addressed during ICAW, “We want to point it out and talk about it. Maybe some women will go to masturbation seminars.” Obviously, we’re all for masturbation here at Gurl! Self love is very important.

So how can you celebrate? Gary says “Whether through educational lectures, art exhibits, songs and dance, or a ‘girl’s night’ of sharing, each woman can celebrate sexual beauty the way she chooses.” Clitoraid is will be hosting events in the Las Vegas area where they’re based, but you can celebrate any way you want! Gather your friends for a girls’ night and talk openly about sex and masturbation. Or spend some time to explore your sexuality on your own!

I’m so thrilled that this week is happening, even if it’s starting on a small scale. Why shouldn’t we talk about clitorises? Why shouldn’t we talk about vaginas? Why shouldn’t we talk about masturbation and sex?

The more we talk about these things, the less power the stigmas have. Every woman should feel comfortable expressing (or not expressing) her sexuality ,and talking about your clitoris is just one of the ways you can do that. It’s an amazing part of your body, and you should celebrate it!

This week, show your clitoris some love!

What do you think about International Clitoris Awareness Week? Are you afraid to talk about your clitoris? Tell us in the comments!

And let’s stop being embarrassed about our periods too

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  • berkly miller

    i am a man, and, as such, i dont actually HAVE a clitoris, well, not one of my own, if you catch my meaning (i am engaged to a wonderful woman, who shares hers with me! yay!) anyway, i think this is an excellent idea! i mean, come on, so many other things are becoming socially acceptable to discuss, why should female sexual parts still be taboo? so many other cultures around the world are so much more open than we in the u.s.a. are, although “we” are still the biggest producers/purchasers of pornography, so why do we pretend we are such prudes when it comes to having fun in bed (or on the kitchen table, or the living room couch, in the garage, up against the dog house in the front yard? yes, my ex and i did actually do that last one). keep going with this idea, and many more to come (heh heh heh, pun intended), its time to stop hiding! thank you!

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  • amy

    Haha 🙂 wish someone would speak out about palm job technique. Just a masturbation technique for women.. 🙂
    Xvideos search how to make her squirt every time, or palm job for the video. Definition on Google.

    Not a spam, just love my clitoris! Ah =))
    While y’all celebrate, share the technique….Please:)

  • pinkheart

    Dont worry this is one gurl who shows her clitoris some appreciation. I think it is a great idea and it will bring awareness especially against genital mutilation.

    We see and read about penises everywhere, its time for our vagina and clitoris to get some attention too! Its a very catchy name Clitoraid, and hopefully people will spread the word.

    I am so happy that I know how my clitoris works and what it does because its an amazing part of our bodies and when you know what to do with it and how to make it do its thing its amazing for your orgasms. No one should be without theirs, especially those who have had female circumcision forced upon them.

  • maiyaks

    Oh my goddess, I am so celebrating this week + I must tell my human sexuality class this will be great ;o

  • Janice

    I absolutely love this post because I think that female genital mutilation is one of the most terrible problems women in Africa have faced for decades. I do Model UN and a few of my teammates recently debated about this topic and taught us a lot about it. It’s just awful how a religion or culture can lead to this kind of inhuman behaviour that represents a violation to human rights. One of the main problems is the fact that international organisations usually try to solve this issue through education and prevention. This is amazing but not enough, though. Is education going to give the hundreds (or even millions) of victims their clitoris back? No, it’s not.
    That’s why I’m so glad to discover that there are NGO’s, like Clitoraid, who have been working on this and have been helping women who want to have their clitoris rebuilt. It’s just awesome. Amazing as always, Gurl. Congratulations.