Tampons Aren’t A Big Deal, And You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed About Your Period

Let’s talk about periods. Let’s talk all about periods and cramps and pads and tampons. Women have periods. This is not news nor is it something to be so hush-hush about.

Tampax has come out with a new line of tampons called “Radiant” that, well, I’ll allow them to explain it:

“New Tampax Radiant Compak tampons give you a discreet protection experience like never before! The Radiant Compak tampon features a chic little extendable applicator and a redesigned discreet wrapper that is softer and quieter than Pearl Compak. Radiant Compak features a LeakGuard® Skirt that provides brilliant back-up protection that is small enough to fit almost anywhere — even your pocket! It’s protection that you can keep secret & that fits in the palm of your hand.”

Thank heavens! Discreet protection like never before! And a chic applicator! How cute! I definitely need my tampons to be cute. And an almost silent wrapper will save me so much embarrassment when using a tampon in a restroom where other females could be present.

Y’all, Tampax Radiant is going to make it like you don’t even have a period at all. That’s how discreet it is!

Seriously, I’m so sick of not being able to talk about periods or tampons freely. Guys get wigged out when women talk about “lady business,” well guess what? We bleed from our vaginas once a month. SORRY IF THAT’S SO UNCOMFORTABLE FOR YOU, BRO.

You should not be embarrassed that you get your period. You should not be embarrassed to use a tampon. You certainly shouldn’t be afraid to whip out a tampon in the bathroom or ask for one from another woman!

I’m just over all of this body-shaming, slut-shaming, virgin-shaming and period-shaming. We all have periods. Let’s stop pretending like there’s something wrong with that.

Are you embarrassed when you have your period? Are you afraid for someone to hear you open a tampon in the bathroom? Are you afraid to ask for tampons from a friend? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Chamomiletea

    Yes, I get very ashamed. I hate mine and I pretend they don’t exist. It’s such a shameful and embarrassing thing to get your period. I like to order all my feminine things online.

  • Stan

    I am so sorry that any girl would feel embarrassed to talk about her period or pads or tampons. These are just part of being a woman. Women are God’s greatest creation and I thank Him every day for creating them for me and all men. Women are far and away the better of the two sexes. I have lots of female friends and we talk about everything. If they let me have sex with them while on their period, I will watch or help them with their pads and tampons. I don’t mind going to the store and buying feminine napkins or tampons. I have met more than one girl because of this.

  • Lola

    I really have no problem with being open about periods around other girls, but my school (yes I know it’s disgusting) doesn’t have separate toilets for guys and girls! Whilst the individual cubicles are either male or female, the whole sink area and everything isnt. So the silent wrapper would be pretty useful for me…

  • Cutiepie

    Im so glad some one speaks out about this!

  • Shannnonxox

    Im on my period and its really hot outside and I wanna go to the beach with all my friends but im afraid of using tampax iv tried it before and its really uncomfortable and I feel sick with it in but I can hide inside for the whole week what should I do :L

  • DaynaMarie

    I think it’s ridiculous to say that the company is trying to shame females into being embarrassed. They did not make the tampons because they think females should be embarrassed, but because many females ARE and have expressed a desire for more discrete feminine hygiene products.

    For the most part, I have no problem with people knowing I’m on my period. However, I would love a tampon that’s easier to hide in my pocket for when I go someplace that I don’t want to take my purse.

  • Marie

    I feel awkward talking about my period, I feel awkward listening to my friends talk about periods, I feel awkward when my female family members talk about periods, an I would sure as heck feel awkward if I were a guy. Yes, women do have periods, but it’s not something all of us like to parade about. I’m not ashamed of my period or being a woman by any means. But ts my business, not anyone else’s.

    • Talia G.

      I totally agree with you. No I am not ashamed of being a woman, but it’s not like talking about periods is my type of thing.

  • Layla

    Amen. And the radiant line is wayyy over priced. It’s just plain old tampax in a “chic” wrapper.

  • Lexi

    PREACH! I love that gurl actually speaks out about these kind of things! <3 Female empowerment FTW!

  • Sweettreat

    This article is super. The fact that we have to discuss whether it is okay or not to show/talk about tampons means there is a taboo around them. That taboo shouldn’t be there, because what’s so freaky about periods if there are billions of women in the world who get them?

  • Rose

    Im not ashamed by my period but it’s gross nonetheless like im not gonna announce when I fart, burp, pee, poop, or puke am I? Those are just as natural but you don’t tell everyone! What’s next poop shaming? fart shaming? I know! BARF shaming

  • Perfection-NOT

    I don’t think it’s shaming. Periods are just personal. I’m not about to go wave my tampons in my grandpas face!

    • Lea

      I had a friend that wasn’t very discreet about her period and it really annoyed me! She would just like roll her pad up and throw it in the trash without wrapping it in tissue or anything! It would unroll while in the trash so you could see everything and it was really gross so I would have to put layers off tissue over it -_- or my other guess would think it was me. Ewww