How To Get Your Parents To Respect Your Decisions!

Katy Perry Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2013

Katy Perry can serve as a role model to getting your parents to respect your decisions, even if they don’t agree with them! | Source: WENN

Katy Perry made headlines this week when her preacher dad went on a bizarre rant calling her a “devil child” because of her music and performances and asking for people in his congregation to pray for her.

Whatever your religious, moral or ethical leanings are, it’s not easy to have a lifestyle your parents disagree with. But if you just keep rehashing the same arguments over and over, it’s going to be tough to get you parents to respect your decisions–especially if those arguments usually end in screaming matches instead of solutions or compromises.

While it seems like Katy Perry and her parents have issues that go a bit beyond our scope, we’ve compiled a few ways for you and your parents to talk over problems they may have with things you want to do–whether it’s dropping out of the marching band to play softball, joining the drama club, or, you know, becoming an international pop star. Now go forth and conquer!

Have you ever had trouble getting your parents to respect your decisions? Do you think Katy Perry’s parents are out of line by talking badly about her? What ways do you get your parents to respect your decisions? Tell us in the comments!


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