Students Made A Twerking Video And Got In Serious Trouble: Is The Punishment Too Severe?

twerk video san diegoWell, here’s your unexpected news of the day: 33 students from Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego got in serious trouble for participating in a… twerking video. Yes, twerking. And when I say serious trouble, I’m not exaggerating. Guys, this thing has even evolved into a full-on Twitter trend. So, that’s how you know things are legit.

Here’s what went down: 32 students from Scripps Ranch High spent their 6th period putting together their very own twerking video. The video features about 30 girls upside down against the school building twerking. The 33rd person filmed the whole thing. They then used school equipment to edit the video and put it up on YouTube. And, um, school officials were not happy.

The 33 students, including the student who filmed and edited the video, were all suspended from school – and that’s even the worst part. They were also banned from prom and from walking in their graduation ceremony. Whaaaaat?! 

Obviously, students and parents are all freaking out about the super severe punishment. Most of them, including parents, think their punishment is way too harsh and unfair. The students have even started up a Twitter trend called #FreeTheTwerkTeam. So far, school officials have refused to budge on the issue (they won’t even discuss it with any news outlets at the moment), although one student did tell NBC San Diego that “the seniors involved are on senior review and have to ask for their prom and graduation back in front of a panel.”

As harsh as this punishment sounds though, here’s the thing: students apparently had signed a contract agreeing not to do anything, um, exactly like this. The contract says: “At Scripps Ranch High school there is zero tolerance for students who cause major disruptions at school or school activities. Any student who causes a major disruption will receive a five (5) day suspension, a possible new school placement and may be arrested.”

Before I get into this, let’s just look at this twerking GIF to remind us of what twerking is.

twerking gif

Miley Cyrus twerking

Obviously, not the best dance to do during the middle of your average school day.

Listen, I get that these students were just trying to have a good time. I’m assuming that the majority of them are seniors and they’re probably dealing with all sorts of senioritis and they also wanted to become YouTube stars. I get it. Twerking is fun and YouTube fame is very enticing. But. BUT. I’m about to sound like a huge grandma here.

The thing is, you can’t do this kind of thing at school, during 6th period, when you should probably be in study hall or something. If you want to make a video with 30 of your friends, go for it! I support you. But you should probably think about it first and plan to do it somewhere that is not on school grounds during a school day. That’s just silly. 

So, I get that the school had to punish these students… but I feel like their punishment was just too harsh. I mean, suspension, banned from prom and banned from walking your high school graduation? That’s a big deal. And it’s just a twerking video – yes, it was very sexual and inappropriate, but I don’t think it needed this serious of a reaction. It’s not like they hurt someone or bullied someone, you know? They just danced!

On another note, though, I can’t help but wonder where the heck all the teachers were while this happening. Are you really telling me that during the entire time they were filming this, not one teacher walked by and asked them what was going on? I mean, really? That seems kind of impossible to me.

Either way, though, I want to know what you guys think!

What do you think about this twerking video? Was the punishment way too harsh? Do you think this was stupid or funny? Tell me in the comments!


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  • KernalK

    Thirty three students were involved and punished for the video? Since when are that many high schoolers punished for anything all at once? Still, I am so glad I graduated high school before twerking came in vogue.

  • Maggie

    Well, they are famous NOW, so mission accomplished.

  • Brendan

    If I were one of the parents, I would of told my kid to suck it up for doing something so stupid. The school should of toned it down, but I think the parent should of had more of a say in the discipline. these kids should learn the message that there are certain things that are and aren’t appropriate. Not to mention if I were a parent and found my kid had a twerking video, I would tell them that its just an inappropriate and really stupid thing to do.

  • Jess

    I want to see the video.

  • Allison

    I feel like it’s too extreme at the graduation part. Prom maybe there can be a limit for them, instead of not going at all? and suspension isn’t a big deal.

    • Lyla

      Apparently you never wanted to go to a university if suspension isn’t a big deal.

    • Ivy

      I totally agree. Suspension is ok, but seriously, not being able to go to your own graduation? Bogus.

  • Bill

    Good. This was a completely fair and they deserved to be punished the way they did for something as stupid as twerking.

  • Metal

    Everyone who says they shouldn’t have been punished are idiots , that’s what they get for being whores during school , you’re all only encouraging all the stupid shit that teenagers do today

  • Anonomyous

    They deserved it, they are the people trashing up society
    They also need them to get arrested and life sentence, Swag HAS
    TO DIE!!

  • anon

    You have to realize it ruins the schools reputation, being that Scripps Ranch has the highest API in SDUSD I’m not surprised about the severity in the punishment. I mean, these are the “Cream of the Crop” students.

  • lily

    Can you post the video?