Troian Bellisario Tells Us The Best Advice She’s Ever Gotten & Talks About Her Web Series Lauren For Wigs

Troian Bellisario


Most of you probably know Troian Bellisario as the super smart Rosewood High student Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars. What you probably didn’t know about Troian is that she also works on a web series for the YouTube channel WIGS called Lauren. You probably also didn’t know that Troian gives some seriously awesome advice – or maybe you did know that, because she’s pretty cool.

I had the opportunity to speak to Troian the other day about Lauren and, guys, I was pretty excited. I’m an obsessive PLL fan (literally counting down to the season four premiere!) and so I jumped at the chance to talk to Troian about one of her other projects. She is now officially one of my favorite young actresses.

Since Troian is one of those actresses who seems like she always has it together all the time, I had to ask her for some advice. So, what’s the best advice Troian has ever gotten? She says, “I’m going to paraphrase it completely, but just let go. I think the phrase itself… at times, there’s a necessity of letting go of things simply because they are heavy. And I find that in a lot of my life, I hold onto things sometimes, mistakes that I’ve made, four, five, six, twenty years ago, and they don’t serve me anymore. I need to be living my life from a moment of present, in the now. So I guess that would be the most affecting advice that I have right now: to let go of things that might not be serving you anymore.”

Honestly, I totally agree with Troian. Sometimes when things get tough, or the past gets too hard to hold onto, you just need to let go.

Which sort of brings me to Troian’s web series, Lauren, which deals with one of the toughest subjects out there: rape. If you were expecting Lauren to be anything like Pretty Little Liars, you’d be way off. Lauren is about a soldier who gets raped and abused and decides to tell her commanding officer about it. The second season, which premieres on May 10, is about the aftermath of this horrible event. Unfortunately, reporting rape in the military isn’t easy and Lauren finds herself having to make a big choice between doing what’s morally right and what she loves to do.

Obviously, Lauren deals with some pretty heavy issues – the series is much more dark than Pretty Little Liars, but it’s also really well-written and very interesting. As I’m sure you guys know, there are also tons of girls who aren’t in the military who still have to deal with this kind of reaction to rape. When asked what advice she would give to any girl stuck in this sort of situation, Troian said, “I think it’s awful if anybody is responding to somebody who’s gone through a traumatic event with apathy or with indifference, but I think that the only mistake that the person can make is taking that to be the only response and not seeking out more help – which I know is an incredibly difficult and brave thing to do. I think that’s the first step towards healing.”

Watch the trailer for season two of Lauren right here and tune in May 10 for the premiere:

What do you think of Troian’s advice? Are you a fan of hers? Are you going to watch Lauren? Tell me in the comments.


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