Yearly Pelvic Exams Might Not Be Necessary According To The CDC

I was the first out of my friends to go to the gynecologist. I started going at 14 because I got horrible, horrible cramps. To me, going to the gyno isn’t a big deal because I’ve been doing it for so long. I go every year, sometimes twice. I was nervous the first time but never had this terrible fear like a lot of women have.

It’s super important to visit the gyno and get checked out, even if you’ve never had sex! You can still get STDs, and you don’t know what’s happening inside your body. Since forever, it’s been deemed a necessity to get a pelvic exam along with a pap smear and urine test every single year.

Well, the CDC is now saying that the pelvic exam is not necessary because it’s not an effective way to test for ovarian cancer or STDs. Cosmo’s expert, Jennifer Wider, MD, “agrees that the value of this exam has come into question lately, especially because it can’t diagnose ovarian or cervical cancer.”

Regardless, yearly visits to your doctor are necessary to screen for ovarian and cervical cancer, STDs and anything else happening down there. If you feel uncomfortable getting a pelvic exam, talk to your doctor about it! Doctors are there to help you, not to scare you.

But since pelvic exams seem to be the most intimidating part of gyno visits, I think a lot of women will feel more comfortable going to their doctor now. It might encourage more women to go and get checked, which is great because obviously we want women to be healthy!

So, next time you head to the gyno don’t be scared!

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