Gurl Horoscopes May 2013


Stern Saturn is travelling through your sign helping you get disciplined. There is no discipline like self discipline. Do a little digging to see what needs some transformation. You may feel pressure to be the best. Which is exactly what gives you the potential to be the best. Sort through your emotions. Release the destructive ones. You have the power to choose the helpful emotions. Positive, constructive and supportive feelings are just a choice. Scorpio has powerful emotions that need to be handled. Write a secret journal to learn about your stormy side. You can teach what you learn.

Love Match: Aquarius-The Scorpio woman-Aquarius man combination is a highly magnetic and erotic relationship.

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  • Cait

    The horoscope for Scorpio goes to the 22nd of November.

  • Gen

    I don’t believe in those horoscope thing, but my boyfriend is a Leo (I’m a Libra) and indeed, we’ve been together for a very looooong time :3