Gurl Horoscopes May 2013


You are coming into your own soon. This is a great month to create working systems. A new routine that helps achieve important goals. There is a fixed energy that gives you a sense of stability and focused purpose. You are here to share your warmth and live an interesting life. Be brave and stick your neck out. What have you always wanted to do? Make plans to get started and watch as you launch into your new reality. Find the fun in helpful routines. This will help leave room for your considerable creativity to flow. Shine like the Sun. Be you!

Love Match: Leo-The Leo woman and the Leo man are highly compatible, if they can both remember to honor those hidden emotions.

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  • Cait

    The horoscope for Scorpio goes to the 22nd of November.

  • Gen

    I don’t believe in those horoscope thing, but my boyfriend is a Leo (I’m a Libra) and indeed, we’ve been together for a very looooong time :3