Gurl Horoscopes May 2013


You can relax now this month. Last month may have been up and down, but this month is much more stable. You will have more energy and be able to get into healthy inspirational routines that make a real difference. Now is the time to get rid of any negative habits. You are super sensitive to toxins of all kinds. Even bad lighting can have a negative effect. Be sure to eat clean and keep your influences clean too. You are a spongy soul that needs to learn protective measures. Surround yourself with light and stay away from negative images in the media.

Love Match: Virgo-The Pisces woman-Virgo man relationship provides a great contrast between perfection and sensual beauty.

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  • Cait

    The horoscope for Scorpio goes to the 22nd of November.

  • Gen

    I don’t believe in those horoscope thing, but my boyfriend is a Leo (I’m a Libra) and indeed, we’ve been together for a very looooong time :3