Gurl Horoscopes May 2013


Get ready for the activity ahead. Your ruling planet rebel Uranus is in contact with some change-making energy. You may be restless and edgy. Capture your thoughts with technology. Your mind is moving fast now so record genius ideas. Be cautious and thoughtful as much as possible. Ground your electric energy with earthy activities: fly a kite, plant a garden, learn about solar power. Anything to connect your energy to the powerful energy available in the cosmos will be the best use of this month. You are a unique individual with brilliant solutions to humanity’s greatest problems. Yes, you!

Love Match: Aquarius-The Aquarius woman – Aquarius man combination is a great relationship, not deeply passionate but completely honest and mutually creative.

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  • Cait

    The horoscope for Scorpio goes to the 22nd of November.

  • Gen

    I don’t believe in those horoscope thing, but my boyfriend is a Leo (I’m a Libra) and indeed, we’ve been together for a very looooong time :3