How To Get Wild Hair With Temporary Dye And Hair Chalk

I went to private school where our handbooks said that we couldn’t dye our hair any “unnatural” colors. I spent years itching to dye my hair pink or blue, but wasn’t allowed to do it.

When I got to college, I sported a few hot pink low lights during a breast cancer awareness promotion at a local hair salon. I loved them! But the bleaching required to get the pink strands to show up in my dark hair was super damaging, which I wasn’t a fan of.

Even though I would love to chop my hair off like J-Law, I just can’t bring myself to do it. So I resort to dying my hair in order to keep myself from getting bored. I go ombre every couple of months, and I’m thinking about going red in the near future. Obviously, I’ll show you if i do!

One thing I really adore though is using temporary dyes and hair chalk to get fun colors that aren’t permanent! I can also be really indecisive so temporary hair colors are perfect for me. If you’ve been wanting to go blue or green or purple to rebel a little, you can! This is also a great way to see if you’d like the color before making it a permanent thing and freaking out your mom.

Mix pink and blue to stand out in brunette hair

Color a few strands and then braid it in a crown

Or do a fishtail braid or a messy bun

Try this blue and green combo

Or use a bunch of different colors

Go full-on unicorn with this tutorial

If you don’t want to chalk your hair, why not try this temporary spray?

You can also use a colored conditioner to tint your hair

Or try out a hydrating color mask that lasts for a few washes!

Have you ever tried hair chalking or using a wild temporary color? Have you ever done a crazy permanent dye job? Tell us in the comments!

Try these hairstyles for prom or any other occasion!

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  • Spider

    I wouldn’t recommend the spray-on stuff, it tends to flake off over the course of the day which is pretty gross.

  • Cait

    could you please show some pictures with short haired girls?

  • Mackenzee

    so when i was about 13 (i am 14 now) i let my best friend’s mom dip dye my hair. since i have very dark hair, she had to bleach it first. i was OK with it… then the color came. i chose a purple. i went home and my mom surprisingly loved it… then i took a shower. most of it bled out in the first couple showers. then i was left with GREEN HAIR. yup… last time i ever use permanent hair color… i chopped it all off!