The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Easy Fake Tanning

With the nicer weather (finally) here, that means the opportunity to ditch all the long-sleeved layers and rock shorts and t-shirts. For some girls, that also means they’d like to make a clean break from the grey skies of winter by embracing a summertime tan.

We’ve given you some helpful ideas for how to look tan (without a dangerous tanning bed, of course!), but what if you don’t feel like spending any money? What if you really want to do your tanning in a super easy and lazy way?

Well, then this fake tanning guide is for you. As always, results are not guaranteed, but we can guarantee these are the laziest ways out there to get (at least, attempt to get) a tan.

What are some (safe!) things you do to try and look more tan? Tell us in the comments!

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