20 Cute & Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts For Under $20

Have you started shopping for Mother’s Day gifts yet? It might seem like it’s a little early, but it’s really not – May 12 is just around the corner. And no matter how much your mom annoys you sometimes, I know you still want to get her something special. She is kind of awesome, after all. Admit it. Don’t be shy!

But here’s the problem with gifts: they can be super expensive. And you don’t want to get a cheap gift and have it look cheap, you know? If you don’t really have the money to buy something and you’re not into doing homemade gifts, then you definitely need to check out this list. There tons of cute gifts on Etsy.com and I’ve rounded up 20 of the best under $20 (not including shipping costs). Check ’em out and start ordering if you want to get this stuff on time!

Honey Gift Basket

Mother's Day should be a day where your mom gets to relax and focus on herself. This gift basket is perfect for that - it includes chapstick, soap and candles and even the basket itself is pretty.

Buy it here for $15

Garden Plant Markers

If your mom is into gardening, these markers will make an awesome gift. You can order a set of three and you can have them say whatever you want.

Buy it here for $15

Bath and Body Gift Set

Again, this is your mom's day to feel pampered. Buying her a cute gift set like this ensures she'll feel super relaxed. This one includes soap, body butter and foot butter - and the packaging is super pretty!

Buy it here for $16.95

20 oz Wine Glass

If your mom loves a glass of wine before bed once in a while (or every night, no one's judging her), this is the perfect gift for her.

Buy it here for $18.50

16 x 16 Pillow Cover

Take note, this isn't a pillow - just a pillow cover. You may already have this size pillow in your house and not even know it! Either way, this cute cover makes a sweet decoration for anyone's living room.

Buy it here for $20

Air Plant

This little plant is a pretty edition to any room and if your mom loves gardening, she'll definitely love it. The back of the tag is a coupon for you to fill out for your mom (think: the coupon will be worth one night of cooking her dinner!).

Buy it here for $15

Mother's Day Mug

A cute mug always makes for a nice, thoughtful gift. This one is super sweet and simple.

Buy it here for $15

Milk Bath Organic Rose and Chamomile

Give your mom the gift of a super relaxing bath that will also make her smell yummy. She'll love it.

Buy it here for $16

Freshly Roasted Coffee

If you and your mom share a love of coffee, this gift is cute and funny. These bags of freshly ground coffee work in a French press or drip coffee maker and they're an unexpected gift.

Buy it here for $10

Block Set

This super sweet saying will make your mom tear up. And obviously you want her to cry on Mother's Day (JK!).

Buy it here for $15.95

Mother's Day Tile

Something like this would look great in your mom's garden, kitchen... wherever she wants to put it!

Buy it here for $10

Mother/Daughter Charm Bracelets

Remember those old BFF necklaces we all used to love? These are sweeter. Bonus: it's a gift for you too!

Buy it here for $12.98

Family Love Charm Bracelet

This pretty bracelet comes with a really sweet quote included in the packaging. It's something she can wear every day!

Buy it here for $12

One Dozen Candy Lollipops

If your mom has a sweet tooth, these adorable lollipops are something she would definitely love. Keep in mind that the lollipops don't come with the flower pot pictured, but you can put yours in something similar.

Buy it here for $10.50

Quote Pillow

Cute throw pillows always make for a sentimental gift. This one is like a card that will last forever.

Buy it here for $14.36

Infinity Ring

Yes, this is the second piece of infinity jewelry on here, but I can't help it! I love this symbol - it represents something never-ending, like the love you have for your mama. The little message in the ring makes this one extra special.

Buy it here for $16

Hand-Stamped Spoon

This spoon is more of a decoration piece than something you would actually eat off of, but still cute nonetheless!

Buy it here for $15

Bitty Cake Bites

Again, if your mom has a sweet tooth, a box of fun treats makes a great present. And this box is so pretty!

Buy it here for $18

Watermelon Candle

A yummy smelling candle always makes for a great, small gift. This particular brand has a bunch of different scents, if your mom isn't into watermelon - but this one is perfect for summer.

Buy it here for $6

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

What makes this stand out more than any other boring cutting board? You can get this one engraved with your mom's favorite recipe.

Buy it here for $20

Are you going to buy any of these gifts for your mom? What are you doing for your mom for Mother’s Day? Tell me in the comments!


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