How I Grew To Love My Freckles

When people hear the name “Corsetti” they often ask “Are you Italian?” by default. I’m very obviously Italian. The second question I get is “Do you know anyone in the mob?” to which I respond, “I can’t talk about that.” And really, I can’t…

Anyway. Yes, I am very Italian. I was blessed with olive skin that tans easily and dark hair. But what most people don’t know is that I’m also very Irish, which has blessed me with green eyes and freckles. Lots and lots of freckles.

But I didn’t always think they were a blessing. I used to hate them so much! Like to the point where I wanted to know what Lindsay Lohan was doing to get rid of hers, which I’m not proud of.

I never really minded them on my arms, legs, back or stomach because they weren’t that concentrated. My face was a different story. Anytime I get even the slightest bit of sun, a million freckles come out of hiding on my face. They made me feel dirty, and apparently I looked that way.

A few years ago after spending a week at the beach, my mom tried to rub some dirt off of my nose. It wasn’t dirt, it was a group of freckles. No one ever made fun of me for having freckles, but I just couldn’t stand having these little dots all over me. I used to wear high coverage foundation just to hide them.

But one summer, I had an epiphany. I had been spending a lot of time outside (with SPF, of course!), and I got all sorts of freckled and speckled. I remember being at the grocery store completely makeup-free and the woman at the register looked at me and said, “You have the cutest freckles!” It was such a simple moment, but I had never really been complimented for my freckles before.

When I got in my car, I took a look in the mirror and thought “I guess they are kind of cute!” I decided to change my attitude about my spotted friends since they weren’t going away. I vowed to spend the rest of the summer without coating my face in foundation, which was such a blessing in the disgusting Southern heat. The more I let my freckles hang out, the more people told me they loved them and the more I loved them.

A lot of my freckles visible year-round, but now I always look forward to summertime when they’re more defined.

Do you have freckles? Do you love them or hate them? Tell us in the comments!

I also came to love my nose and am so thankful I didn’t get plastic surgery

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  • Joseph Attard

    Hi everyone, I do not have much freckles, only a few under my left eye and some scattered on my cheeks, but I really love them and wish I had more ! Sincerely speaking, I do love everybody, but the most dear to me, are the freckly faced one. In fact I have a problem, which I would like someone here, to help in solving it. I am struggling to find a freckly faced male friend, for friendship only, anywhere from central or northern Europe, who is searching for friends. I am finding it so hard in doing so. Can anybody help me please ? Thanks.

  • Fata Morgana

    I hatemy freckles… they make people think Im a fith grader when in reality Im an 8th grader.Its so degrading when I ask my friend and she says “Well actually you kinda do” when I ask her why she says “your face… and your freckles…” I wear makeup to cover those little bastards called freckles but to no avail. The are still there. At this point in life I dont want to be little-kid cute. I want to look like my peers. I want a teacher to look at me and say “Yeah shes an 8th grader” without forcing me to show her my student card! Freckles are the worst things I wish they would go away…

  • Gary Di Mauro

    I think people are most critical of themselves, but I love freckles on women. I think they (and their freckles) are gorgeous. I am Italian, and once while watching the Sopranos, someone said “We all know you’re a sucker for those Irish girls. Every Italian boy bows down to the freckles”. I was surprised, I thought it was only me who loved freckles!!!

  • Uglyturd

    I hate having freckles on me, I always think people comment on it after talking to me like “god did u see her freckles, yuck”. It basically ruins my attractiveness, I’d be really attractive if it weren’t for my horrid looking skin.. I used to wear makeup but everybody kept saying “oh u dont need it bla bla”, so I realised that makeup doesn’t even help my ugliness so why bother.. I just avoid alot of situations instead..

  • Margaret

    I absolutely hate my freckles so much. People say they like them but I think they are so freaking ugly I wish they’d just fade like my moms did.

  • Sally

    I have freckles all over my body and they bother me so much. They weren’t so prominent when i was younger but now they’ve gotten darker and expanded as i’ve grown. They’ve also increased in number. i’m always worried about how it’ll affect me relationship wise

  • andrea

    I’m 18 & I used to have a whole lot of freckles all over me girls in especially junior high used to tease me about my freckles but now some of my freckles are fading I think with some of us girls out here that have lots & lots of these freckles that over a period of time they will fade now the next problem I’ve been having for the past 4 to 5 years is now (some) of my fading freckles are turning into MOLES(EWWW) so hang in there girls-love Andrea xxxxxooooo

  • emily

    my freckles used to be a lot more prominent when i was little but as i got older they kind of faded. now they’re lighter but you can still definitely see them against my pale irish skin!

  • bakerychaz

    My mum’s family is Scottish, which has given me thick red hair. I have a few freckles on my nose from when I was a kid but nothing that can’t be covered with a bit of makeup. I think people should embrace who they are; we’re stuck with one body, we may as well love it!

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  • Caty

    I have just some freckles, a little bit darker than my face, but the thing it’s that they look like verry little pices of dirt or pimples scars 🙁

    • andrea

      How have you dealt with your freckles?

  • Perfection-NOT

    This happened to me, except with a birthmark. I have an inch long birthmark on the back of my thigh and i used to hate it! One day, I showed by friend it, I DON’T KNOW WHY I DID SINCE IM SO SELF CONSCIOUS ABOUT IT! But she said something that changed my life. She told me it looked like a lizard! And I love lizards. So i stared at it and realized that it really did! After that day, my entire perspective changed and sometimes i even go up to people and ask them if they want to see my lizard birthmark! I love my birthmark now because it’s part of who I am! It makes me ME!

  • mykala

    i hate my freckles i get called poka dot and other names…..