Your Complete Guide To Losing Your Virginity

Sex is a big deal, and losing your virginity is too. If you’re ready, it can be scary. If you’re not ready, it can be scary.

Sex is really intimate, and you need to make sure you’re ready to take that step with another person before losing your v-card. Losing your virginity often is not like the way it is in moviesYou need to know that awkward things can and will happen.

I’m going to go through some ways that you can tell if you’re ready or not ready so click through for your complete guide to losing your virginity!

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  • Miss Siya


  • Alyssa Lynn

    I am 16. About a year ago right before I turned 16 I met my best friends brother. Well he had the hugest crush on me and I admit I had a crush on him too. Well one night he asked if I was staying with his sister and I told him well yeah. And he just said he looked forward to seeing me. So I go to their house and I’m
    In his sisters room and he just comes in and hangs out with us. Then we all started watching a movie and he just said he was gonna “play Xbox” so he went in his room. He texted me and told me to go in his room. I had no idea anything was gonna happen. Anyway I go in there and sit and he just talks to me for about 5 minutes and then he comes close to me and feels my thigh and kisses me. Then I lay down and he just starts fingering me and he asked if I trusted him…I said I think so and that’s when it happened. I’ve never played with toys or anything. He was 8 inches and I was a full on virgin. I screamed. It hurt a lot. But yes I was scared the whole time. I thought I would do something wrong. But I guess I did everything right because he came at the end and so did I. So it wasn’t as bad at the end. Just I learned my lesson after awhile. He was my fuck buddy for a whole 2 we don’t even speak. Be careful on who you lose your virginity to…especially when you’re a teen.