10 Tips On What To Do When You See Your Ex

How awkward is it when you see your ex for the first time after a breakup? Even if it wasn’t a really bad breakup, it still feels painfully weird to see someone you used to be so close to without being able to hug or kiss them hello. It’s one of those situations that make you frantically think, “What do I do, what do I do?!”

Sometimes when we see our ex for the first time, it can make us act a little… crazy. True story: once I went to a party that my ex was at also (I didn’t know he would be there). When I saw him walking in my direction, I literally ran away. Ran. Away. And later on when we accidentally made eye contact, I pretended like I didn’t even know him… even though things really weren’t that bad between us. Not my greatest moment.

So what do you do when you see your ex? I’ve since learned from my mistakes and have put together some tips on how to deal when you see your ex… so that you don’t make things even more awkward than they already are.

Have you ever done anything embarrassing in front of an ex? What do you do when you see an ex? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Diamante Box

    Some very good advice on this page..ive had a couple of run ins with my exes and for some reason they always try to act like nothing happened and were the best of friends, it always throws me but i end uo being nice back so i guess it must work for them lol….

    Deffo check out my advice on how to deal with running into ur ex for the first time after a break up anyways!

  • Melizien

    Well Here is my story. I broke up with my Ex Fiance in a really bad way. He kept trying to win me back all the while he was cheating and trying to be with a new woman at the same time. He was the quintessential LIAR and one day I just became Murderous and told him he better never talk to me again after I found out he got a new lady pregnant and decided to marry her. He invokes those types of feelings. So EIGHT years later I traveled on a business trip and want to hear the strangest coincidence? I passed his house and his car a few times when I went for my evening run. I knew he lived in Cali but I kept saying to myself..nah I won’t run into him. He lives over 4 hours away. It turned out he Moved. I decided to go to the neighborhood park and sit on a swing. Just as I was about to do that…two little girls ran towards me and I hear a familiar voice….HIS! I start walking and the first thing I wanted to do was RUN. So I stop at a gazebo….and stare out there toward the grass. I turn around again because I thought I was going crazy. I look and his tattoos are there and everything. I walked across the grass super fast like a phantom! I am sure he is wondering if he imagined it too! Later I check the White Pages. It was him and his new address is literally where I was staying in a hotel! He was only a half a block away and so I planned my schedule to NOT RUN into him again. Later I planned it. When he decided to talk to me the next time I ran into him I lied to him and told him that I was permanently moving down the block. Just to mess with him! LOL! In reality though I was just there for a week. I knew he was just as paranoid as I was!

  • Jenny

    So me and my ex broke up almost two weeks ago. He’s the one who broke up with me saying he wasn’t happy anymore and we decided to still remain friends. He contacted me a week later and we talked about our lives and it seemed nice. But today I saw him on campus walking and he took out his phone, stared at it, and pretended not to even see me. I thought he wanted to be friends? I don’t get it

  • Chase

    My god the English on here is awful!

  • Karen

    Well I bump into my ex an his new girl at a gas station today . I was doing so well it has been two months since I saw him I felt good about it but i saw them at the gas station an I step out of my character… I let it get the best of me I said something to him we had a heated argument I just fee k so embarrassed an sad I made a complete fool of myself I wanted to get back with him but I think my chances are ruined… I can’t stop the pain an tears. .

  • Rosa

    I met my ex after three months of breakup, when I saw him I didn’t know what to do , he also saw me and went into hiding so I was left between callinger him and just walking away , so I decided to just walk away. What I don’t understand is why he was hiding from me , I will would have like to say hi .being ex doesn’t make us enemy

    • KAT

      Maybe he was shy to face you, or we can even say that he still loves you. The moment that you realized that he was running away from you, you should have attacked him and make him feel so welcome# but what I know is that he was going to feel like a stupid guy

  • wade9233

    I ran straight into my ex the same day he broke up with me, and I didn’t feel heartbroken for several hours.When I ran into him I was not hurt and I said “Its kinda weird running into u but not that weird”. The funny thing is that we agreed to be friends, so whenever we saw each other in the hallways, we’d automatically walk or run in the other direction or pretend we didn’t see each other and one time I ran straight into another guys chest, while he ran straight into the wall. lol. Its been 4 months, I still have feelings for him, he’s definitely not the same guy I used to like and I was so upsessed with him, I now know I need to let him go.

  • Alice

    I “ran” into my ex two days after I went to his house to tell him this on-and-off “relationship” had to end and I needed to move on even if it meant cutting off all contact. I was exhausted with feeling committed to someone who was clearly not to me. He called me earlier that day saying that he wanted to talk bc he felt like he didn’t get to say much of his side the other night, and that he would call me back bc he was actually at a friend’s house. But I’m smart enough to know his ways after 3 years and was not going to wait around for his call, so I met my gf out to tell her what happened, and sure enough I run into his friends ..and the he shows up with some other chick! Really?! I was a little upset at first but tried to keep my cool. I admit that I was kind of catty when I went up to the new girl, but only bc he had actually came by a few times (actually too many times) to chat with me and even mentioned he came there bc he heard I was there. He actually tried to accuse me of being with some other random guy there like he didn’t just show up with other girl, and shoved me when I said I was going to introduce myself to his friend! I don’t know the girl but I gta wonder if she knows she brought him there bc he knew I was there? All in all, these are great tips and I wish I had followed them completely, maybe he wouldn’t still be hitting me up everyday afterwards lol. **Also ladies- if you’re a good girl, there’s a reason why your friends and even people you don’t know too well are telling you he’s trouble!

  • Yanet te

    I have a class with my ex and his ex before me! When I walked in to class the first day of school I couldn’t believe having class with both of them.. Having his ex(she was my friend) in the class doesn’t really bother me anymore, but she annoys me lol. My ex and I sit kinda close to each other so every time he turns around I turn away.. But when he turns the other way I turn to look at him I get super sad and get watery eyes. It’s crazy how much I miss him and love him 🙁

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  • Sami

    OMG this is so funny because i totally did had a run in with my ex and had like a panic attack. At school I always have to sit in the front seat in the morning and one day there was no other empty seat up front, other than the one he was sitting in. I tried to play it cool but i literally sat like a statue the whole twenty minutes and then I proceeded to run off the bus, into the school, and into the nearest girls room so he couldn’t follow me. Oh life.

    • sowmi

      same here!